Bayley Exposes Whose Concept It Was To Turn Her Heel

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Back in 2019, Bayley formally turned heel after depicting her “Huggable” character for several years prior to signing up with WWE.

Speaking With Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, The Damage CTRL leader talked about whose concept it was to turn her heel, why the fans began to switch on her, and more.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On whose concept the heel turn was: “The entire character modification? It was all my concept. When it initially took place, I remained in, I do not understand if you keep in mind, like such an odd time in my profession where it wasn’t actually going where all of us believed it would. And I felt the fans switching on me currently and simply not purchasing into it. I didn’t desire to simply kind of like, coast along. And I wished to– I understood when I signed up with WWE, when I wished to be a wrestler, I wished to have the ability to do whatever. I wished to be bad, be excellent … have this match, do that. Like, I wished to do whatever, and trip that wave of the WWE, you understand? I felt it was a best chance.

And the last match I had prior to like the modification was– I forget the PPV, however I lost the champion to Charlotte, and after that I needed to break down and cry. And [they] informed me simply to toss a fit and cry, and cry. And I believed it was so weird, however I did it. And I simply informed myself, ‘I can’t come back the very same Bailey,’? I talked to Vince, and I talked to my authors, and tossed out this entire concept of a total 180 character modification. And after that he’s like, ‘Okay, we’re gon na do it.’ It was like 2 days later on, so I had no time to actually figure out what this is going to be. And after that we did that modification, and after that it’s simply grown throughout the years, now that I’ve had time to sort of settle in and see how the fans respond to it.”

On why the fans began to switch on her: “I believe to me, it simply felt natural, you understand? What I was doing that at the time felt abnormal to them. I believe it’s due to the fact that I genuinely outgrew it, like the character I was attempting to depict. Due to the fact that when I was the hugger in NXT, and I was incredibly fan favorite, I actually felt all these things. I truly felt in wonder to be in WWE, I felt in wonder to be around all these Superstars. Due to the fact that I was a superfan maturing, you understand? As I got older and as I had more experience, and I had won a champion, you understand? It’s like, ‘Alright, you’ve done these things. Overcome it. Overcome being delighted about being here. You’ve been here for 6 years currently.’ I believe they simply didn’t feel that connection like they utilized to? Due to the fact that I didn’t either, which is absolutely easy to understand. I seemed like I was– you understand, it was time to simply have a modification.”

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