Battle Riot VI Enlists Paul Walter Hauser as Part of its MLW Team

Battle Riot VI Enlists Paul Walter Hauser as Part of its MLW Team
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Emmy-award recipient, Paul Walter Hauser, has recently announced his participation in the 40-man Battle Riot match. This update was made public by MLW, Major League Wrestling, in a recent statement.

Famed actor Paul Walter Hauser will be participating in Major League Wrestling’s event, Battle Riot VI, set to live stream without charge on YouTube on June 1 from Atlanta.

On May 15, 2024, Major League Wrestling (MLW), one of the rapidly growing wrestling leagues in the United States, declared the inclusion of a celebrity contender for its annual signature event, Battle Riot VI. Paul Walter Hauser, Emmy-award actor, has declared his participation in the 40-man Battle Riot match, a first-time event to be live-streamed for free on YouTube on June 1 from Center Stage in Atlanta.

Hauser is embarking on an exciting path in his professional wrestling career by joining MLW and participating in their prestigious Battle Riot match, where he seeks a chance at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. The highly recognized actor has been involved in training and competitions since November 2023, keeping his acting engagements in film and TV thriving concurrently.

Battle Riot VI, a blend between a battle royale and a street fight, will host 40 of the world’s top wrestlers. They will be introduced to the ring every 60 seconds.

Hauser expresses his excitement to join the annual Battle Riot at Major League Wrestling. He emphasizes that his involvement is more than just a celebrity cameo or an ambition fulfilled; rather he is determined to prove himself worthy in the wrestling world and earn a shot at Satoshi Kojima’s World Heavyweight Title.

MLW’s Founder and CEO, Court Bauer, speaks highly of Hauser, noting his ambition and unrelenting quality to prove the difference between pretenders and contenders. Bauer shows confidence in Hauser’s goal to win MLW gold to place beside his Golden Globe and EMMY. He believes Battle Riot VI will offer Hauser the opportunity to do so.

Being the first-of-its-kind free live-streamed event since the start of their live broadcast a year ago on pay-per-view, MLW Battle Riot VI is seen as a major milestone. Bauer shares his vision of the future of sports leagues, which he believes lies in direct consumers powered by YouTube.

Joining Hauser in MLW Battle Riot VI will be former UFC fighter Matt Riddle, Mexican superstar Místico, multiple global champion Bobby Fish, wrestling legend Ernest “The Cat” Miller, and many others.

Major League Wrestling (MLW) is a sports media holding company that specializes in television content, toys, apparel, live events, and other entertainment forms. With operational live events across influential markets such as New York, Chicago, and Tampa, MLW stands as one of today’s rapidly expanding wrestling leagues. It offers programming to over 60 countries worldwide including the US and the UK. MLW’s events host top professional wrestlers representing numerous countries around the world.