Batista shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Batista shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots video Batista shoots on John Cena.

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Wrestling Shoot Interview
Batista shoots on John Cena
Batista shoots
John Cena
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That is yet another well-behaved wrestler! but i believe johnny simply he's simply in actuality correct treasure if i turned into gonna send you know someone out to a talk hide or someone out to impress correct morning the US or someone to impress you know you know a important interview treasure john may possibly possibly well be the man i i get that .

He's i imply simply he's very effectively spoken he's a extraordinarily affirm man he's correct wanting uh he's skilled there's evidence he's so all-american it simply makes sense i believe i turned into correct for the firm i turned into indubitably uh and i indubitably performed performed my role i embraced it but i turned into it wasn't .

In point of fact crooked off style about that effectively what it turned into i simply wanted the same alternatives that you just know diversified of us that's it no i didn't deserve to be you know in actuality feel treasure i'm a 2nd-class citizen in narrate that turned into where all that came from i you know i constantly cherished john i constantly .

Deem i belief he turned into big for the firm but to boot you know as some distance as the mike you know being on the mic treasure you know john turned into interesting to utter stuff that i in actuality wasn't interesting to utter treasure john is a form of and that's no longer i don't imply this in a negative system it's no longer the on john .

But he's simply a form of suck-up kiss-ass diminutive one faces that i would no longer ever be treasure i'm never gonna exit and lisp with all you of us behind me with your pork up you know i will function something i'll never be that man since in actual fact and also it’s possible you’ll possibly possibly possibly it's .

Written all the draw through me is whether or no longer you pork up me or no longer if i deserve to impress it i'm going to impress it and the more you don't need me to impress it the more i'm going to deserve to impress it and that's my personality you brand it's no longer a form of of us i'm no longer simply no longer going to exit and lisp the entire issues .

That contributors deserve to hear i simply i will't affect it i will't carry myself i'm no longer that man and and john is john will exit and he'll be hulk hogan he'll lisp all these stuff you know that people they need to hear and then when they they need you know gets them fired up you know with all of it you brand it's treasure the entire .

Hulkamania factor with all you of us behind me and it's simply that's no longer me you know what i imply does that imply i hope that makes sense with out i don't imply that to be i don't imply that to on someone it's simply that some of these items these hokey tacky issues .

I simply can't carry myself to impress since it's simply no longer my personality and and a amount of times particularly with high guys vince would feed them stuff and goddamn the worst john cena promos you've ever heard are no longer john cena they are vince mcmahon in personally anyway that's what i .

Point out that's simply it simply goes aid to easily a form of issues treasure he's simply interesting to utter that he in actuality shouldn't lisp and it turned into you know you know me man it's it's gonna get an argument and it's simply it's ideal glaring when something doesn't sit down effectively with me and i in general .

it all up the hill if it doesn't sit down effectively with me so it's simply i i believe that's where the la get of lack of religion came from and easily but you know i don't brand it's all on reflection and get of you know guessing and whatnot but yeah it's indubitably when uh vince decrease writing a promo for somebody .

Has simply never in actuality been a correct factor and then as some distance as there's you brand it's so weird and i don't disclose of us will ever get this or cherish it about me but when i turned into wrestling all i desired to impress turned into wrestle i didn't i didn't deserve to be an actor i .

Didn't deserve to impress something i simply wanted i simply cherished appealing of us i desired to be there i cherished wrestling i didn't deserve to promote them cheap t-shirts i didn't deserve to i may possibly possibly well care much less within the occasion that they you know booed me or cheered me so long as they you know i gave them a correct match .

And they were cheerful with the match i simply wanted them to be entertained i didn't need the accolades i don't disclose of us will ever get that you just know i wasn't didn't reach out with 25 wristbands and and a diversified t-shirt every week and i'm looking to shove down their goddamn throats .

Folk never cherish that it's simply because i in actuality treasure the commercial i treasure storytelling and i treasure you know giving the fans you know making them in actuality feel treasure you know that is i'm getting my money's price that is what i paid to be aware that is correct i imply i turned into cheerful with that i turned into more .

In converse with that but i in actuality you know i in actuality desired to pursue it's so silly i did i affect a amount of issues because because i get pissed off and i in actuality hate when of us order me that i will't affect stuff and i had carried out when wwe began doing movies and commercials and i realized .

That everything an increasing number of turned into going to cena but the same time you know i'm you know he's predominant inventing one series of reveals i will had been within the others but he's getting all these alternatives that i'm no longer getting but that simply gave the impression a diminutive bit unfair to me i'm aloof accessible .

You realize busting my ass on these reveals whereas he's making movies getting paid a load of money to make these movies and so i simply requested the query turned into you know is there any change for me to impress movies and there wasn't there had no hobby in me doing that and i said effectively you know if i don't if .

I'm no longer afforded the change here then i ought to be afforded the change to pass open air the firm and audition and the answer turned into you're our property you’re employed alongside side the home reveals and get to work and i simply belief it turned into unfair so i belief you know this .

Yeah it's it's simply in actuality unfair it's unfair to me uh occupation-sparkling and it's unfair to me financially where you know in most cases get of disclose photos of every diversified on the hide are you on our respective reveals but i'm getting afforded plenty much less .

Opportunities and i simply that didn't sit down effectively with me and i wasn't you know i wasn't k with that i wasn't converse with that and so when they said no i wasn't going to be afforded these alternatives i said effectively i'm going to proceed them and also you know that turned into get of it and i gave them treasure nearly a year's spy .

And that i gave them you know i did no topic they requested me to impress and i busted my ass and they bought unless the day that i left they aloof didn't disclose i turned into leaving and on the evening that i left i literally with out you know i believe a few of us lisp goodbye to me and said thanks but it indubitably turned into treasure a .

Fully a few um and then i walked out you know security uh muriel sassy escorted me out the door on my maintain you know no you know see you later dave thanks for everything effectively you know serve in touch it turned into it turned into it turned into it turned into unhappy and it turned into .

In point of fact do issues in standpoint on where i stood with them and i left there with a damaged aid you know i don't disclose a amount of of us realize that i cherish that but you know on my closing match with cena i broke my aid
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Batista shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Batista shoots on John Cena | Wrestling Shoot Interview