Barry Darsow on Why You By no intention F**ked With Mr Supreme Curt Hennig!

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Here’s one good wrestling match!! The most memorable factor you seen occur on an air airplane the most memorable factor um k we were all on a airplane um the total crew and all individuals's got their aisle seats or their window seats and usually the the minute you rep on the airplane because of nobody slept all individuals's out chilly properly Kurt henig used to be in first.

Class and he checked out me and he and he extra or less gave me the smile and I believed k what's Kurt going to absorb properly there used to be this flight attendant that used to be apt she'd stroll by technique of and she'd hit all individuals wake all individuals up and apt the a melancholy flight attendant so she will must absorb did one thing to Kurt Up In First Class so Kurt goes up into the the bin.

Up there and he will get this itsy-bitsy bottle and it used to be called morning burning Streak and it smelled fancy poop so this flight attendant walks up by technique of first class and Kurt takes that bottle and also you are going to I'm I'm watching them up there and Kurt takes and shoots a bunch of bunch of it on the help help of her and also you are going to't smell it true away it.

Takes you know two three four minutes to kick in puts the B cat Bo on there goes up and puts it away and goes help down all of a unexpected this lady begins strolling down the aisle and it smells fancy she her pants and also you are going to smell it by technique of the total airplane and the total guys are waking up now and so that they're smelling these items.

And likewise you are going to gaze Kurt searching help fancy this smiling you know all individuals knew it used to be Kurt and this lady used to be so embarrassed and she used to be searching to search out out who did it you know and no-one would stutter one thing but it used to be vulgar the total airplane smelled fancy any individual pooped in each place the airplane that used to be a handsome honest one is that surely now not fancy apt a rip.

On all individuals now the now the total airplane smells a properly it used to be and that used to be Kurt but him him him doing it to the girl got her help so all individuals used to be all infected so it wasn't you know against the fellows now but Kurt used to be honest at some ribs who’re the easiest ribbers I mean if there's fancy an Olympics of uh wrestling ribbers who.

Who takes who takes bronze silver and gold Boi would doubtlessly be number one um Kurt might per chance be number two I’d deem after which Davey Boy and and also you know the British bulldogs might per chance be three any examples oh you've already given us one with Kurt but any examples of Fuji and the Bulldogs I heard one the keep.

Fuji he uh he got upset in some unspecified time in the future and also you know I don't know exactly who it is I’m able to't endure in thoughts who it used to be but he ended up utilizing their car in their pool and the yeah the auto sunk down to the backside of the pool that used to be one rib he had fancy a Keith Moon extra or less affair then yeah yeah unbelievable fui had some handsome brutal ribs as I stutter he weak to absorb a.

Podcast with with Don Morocco so I deem I deem we apt spent half an hour talking about F Don Morocco is a huge guy too yeah fully is I I've now not I spoke to him slightly recently I absorb to quiet I wish I’d absorb let him know that I used to be having both of you on would absorb uh if nothing else you know apt got a requirement from him or one thing fancy that.

If now not he doubtlessly would absorb jumped on and acknowledged howdy um one from the Bulldogs then um yeah I properly I deem it used to be the Bulldogs who um they CH I don't know whose earn it used to be but they chained with a huge thick chain.

Chain their earn to a chair and so that they're in the ring and we had to hurry off to head to the next town and I’m able to't endure in thoughts who it used to be but they were coming to the airplane and had the chain and the chair and their earn that used to be the easiest system to rep to the airplane because of they didn't absorb time to diminish the chain off or one thing and all individuals's in.

The airplane it what the hell's going on and it used to be the Bulldogs did they actually let him on the airplane with the chair yeah they’d to throw it in the baggage yeah how did did it in actual fact slot in the overhead factor obvious now not no no it used to be below to the baggage you ticket it used to be one among the offers the keep we had to stroll up the.

Ramp to rep up to the airplane you know the out of doors deal yeah
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Barry Darsow on Why You By no intention F**ked With Mr Supreme Curt Hennig!

Barry Darsow on Why You By no intention F**ked With Mr Supreme Curt Hennig!