Baron Corbin On His Finisher Philosophy & ‘End Of Days’ Being Undefeated

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Baron Corbin On His Finisher Philosophy & ‘End Of Days’ Being Undefeated

Baron Corbin

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

The WWE on Fox media team caught up with Baron Corbin. “The King” of the company talks the origins of his “End Of Days” finisher and gives details as to his thought process behind making something unique and stand out.

“Nowadays a lot of stuff is overused or redone and maybe it shouldn’t be redone. It should be left, you know, where it’s at,” Corbin said. “Like right now the Stunner’s back in play and feel like that’s one of those things maybe that should have stayed untouched because I’m a firm believer when you go out there and you do something, you want people to think of you. When people do somebody else’s iconic move the entire crowd thinks of that icon, not the person doing that now so I wanted something unique. So I was watching a bunch of like Japanese stuff and going, ‘Man, what can I do that shows strength, shows speed, I can do out of nowhere, on everybody?'”

That’s where the End of Days came into play. Corbin was attempting to do such a move on a former NXT talent while training and it so happened the move didn’t turn out they way he wanted, but instead of what you see as his fate sealer today. Corbin says how he sent a clip of his finisher to then coach Billy Gunn who teased Baron that he’d use the move in a match. Gunn of course never did and it’s been Corbin’s creation ever since.

“I’ve done a very good job at protecting it. I’ve never let anybody kick out of it. Right now it’s undefeated which is hard nowadays in WWE.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

The clip in which Corbin details his philosophy of a finisher is below:

"I haven't let anyone kick out of it."

King @BaronCorbinWWE explains the origins of his devastating finishing move in 'The Story Of: End of Days'.

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) February 28, 2020

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