Bad Bunny To LeBron James & Jay-Z: WrestleMania Was The Best Moment Of My Life (More Than The Grammys)

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Bad Bunny To LeBron James & Jay-Z: WrestleMania Was The Best Moment Of My Life (More Than The Grammys)

Bad Bunny

Image Credit: WWE

To Bad Bunny, competing at WrestleMania was bigger than the Grammys for him and the musician said as much to LeBron James and Jay-Z.

Bad Bunny was a recent guest on LeBron’s The Shop and shot the breeze with the NBA star along with Jay-Z and James’ longtime manager, Maverick Carter. Carter asked Bunny the much-asked question for wrestlers and its fans: is it real or is it fake?

“It’s real. It’s 100% real. No it’s insane,” Bunny said. “When it was like learning the first days, they teach you how to fall, the bumps.” Bunny does a light pantomime of taking a bump.

“I said like, ‘How these people can do this like 20, 30 years. The Undertaker, Triple H for many years receiving that pain, it’s crazy. It’s crazy, but I love it.” He was asked how he got into wrestling and like many, it was through family.

“I used to watch with my dad, my friends, brother.”

“I was heavy into wrestling, I was heavy,” said LeBron.

“Definitely bigger than the Super Bowl,” Jay-Z said, referencing Bunny’s time at WrestleMania 37.

“More than The Grammy’s, that was the best moment of my life,” Bunny added before talking how long he trained for.

“Three months. I moved to Orlando for three months. Training every day, every day, I not recorded any songs.”

“You moved to Orlando? I don’t want to visit Orlando,” Carter joked. LeBron added there would be no way he would move or get traded to its NBA affiliate, The Magic.

Bad Bunny was asked if wrestling is real and spoke about his WrestleMania experience with LeBron, Jay-Z, Maverick Carter, etc on The Shop.

Jay-Z: “Definitely bigger than the SuperBowl.”

Bad Bunny: “For me, yeah. More than the Grammys. That was the best moment of my life.”

— Frank | LET’S GO MAVS (@THENEXTBlGTHlNG) May 29, 2021

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