Backstage Note On PPV Buys For AEW All In 2023, Early Estimate For All Out 2023

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter released the rough estimates for the pay-per-view buys for both AEW All In 2023 on August 27 and All Out 2023 last Sunday.

All In 2023 is up 37.5% from AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II at the moment. If that holds, the figure will likely be around 192,000.


While streaming figures were not that high, late buys are ahead of the pace of most shows. Even if it ends up at 180,000, AEW All In 2023 will still be the second-most purchased PPV in the history of All Elite Wrestling, behind All Out 2021.

If it hits 180,000, the Wembley event would be a gross of $7 million from the US and Canada (an estimated 78% of the total buys) and $440,000 outside the United States.

That would be a total of $19 million including ticket sales and merchandise, with AEW earning $15.3 million of that figure.

If the figure is 192,000, those numbers would be $19.9 million and $15.8 million, respectively.

Meanwhile, TV buys for All Out 2023 may not have been as high as suggested by AEW President Tony Khan himself.

Khan stated that the September 3rd show would end up doing over 100,000 PPV buys.

According to the report, the TV PPV buys for All Out 2023 were only 38% of what All In 2023 had. That would translate to around 73,000 PPV buys. However, since streaming figures are reportedly a higher percentage, the final number could end up being as high as 96,000.

AEW All Out 2023 had been expected to get half of what All In 2023 did.

Of those who bought WWE Payback 2023, only 5.8% bought All Out 2023, while 8.6% bought All In 2023.

Of those who bought All Out 2023, 77.8% bought All In 2023.

Of those who bought All In 2023, only 25.8% bought All Out 2023.

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