Backstage News On How IMPACT Management Feels About Killer Kross Situation

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Backstage News On How IMPACT Management Feels About Killer Kross SituationKiller Kross

The latest on the current situation between IMPACT Wrestling Management and Killer Kross has come in the way of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It’s been documented Kross asked for his release from the promotion in front of the public as well as for the release of his partner Scarlett Bordeaux, which her release was granted. Kross remains under contract.

Dave Meltzer noted that the following information didn’t come from anyone in management but that “this is basically their side of the issue.” The belief is that they think they signed Kross when he was nobody and had no other options. Thus, when they pushed and protected him, he looked good and came across like a star.

This is when other promotions started to have an interest in him, which in theory would be tampering to begin with. IMPACT’s belief is that with Kross going public for his release, it would encourage others who don’t want to live up to their contract to do the same. IMPACT didn’t think that sent a good message.

Instead, the promotion thought he should’ve worked through his contract as they did offer him more money. It was noted that the feeling would be that if they put him on television and push him, it’s a waste because they know he’s leaving. The promotion also thinks that would be a reward despite being unprofessional.

They also think that if they put him on TV to have him lose to other talents then many would think he would become a sympathetic character and management looks like the bad guys. At the end of the day, the company sees this situation as a no-win situation.