Backstage News On AEW Contracts Lacking Non-Compete Clauses

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According to a new report from Fightful Select, All Elite Wrestling contracts lack non-compete clauses.

The non-existence of a non-compete clause means that talents who quit AEW are free to perform for other wrestling companies immediately after their departure.

Non-compete clauses are pretty common in the wrestling industry, with WWE being famous for its strict non-compete guidelines that can extend up to 90 days.

AEW sources stated that the company doesn’t usually release talent without a special request or disciplinary measures, hence the implementation of non-compete clauses has been deemed unessential.

When it comes to early departures, AEW largely handles the matters on a case-by-case basis.

For instance, everyone in AEW is of the belief that if CM Punk was handed an early release, it would have been based on the condition that he would not wrestle in WWE for a certain period of time.

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