‘Baby Jazz’ Tasha Steelz Wants A Match With Her Namesake, Is Ready To Face Any Team From Any Promotion

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‘Baby Jazz’ Tasha Steelz Wants A Match With Her Namesake, Is Ready To Face Any Team From Any Promotion

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tasha Steelz recently spoke with Joey G of Wrestling Headlines. She reflected on her successful pairing with Kiera Hogan and the opportunity to work with Jazz. Here are some highlights, transcription credit of Joey G of Wrestling Headlines:

Whether her and Kiera feel validation being crowned the first Knockout tag team champions of this new era:

Steelz: “I mean we told everybody…we told everybody from the minute that we both appeared together on IMPACT wrestling, which is coming up about a year ago, that we are going to be the most dominant, and not just as individuals but as a tag team. At Hard To Kill, I think we proved everybody right didn’t we? But you know…we have some ways to go.

“Beating Havok and Nevaeh wasn’t easy. Yes we beat ’em two times before, but the third time was really harder than the last two because they did come with more than just their A-game. They completely brought it, but we proved that we were Hard To Kill, and now we’re just waiting for the next ones to step up. Past, present, future, we do not care. We’re gonna let you all know how dominant we are in this Knockouts division.”

Whether her and Kiera have their eyes on anyone in AEW:

Steelz: “This is the whole thing with me and Kiera being the best women’s tag team. We don’t just want to be the best women’s tag team in IMPACT, we want to be the best women’s tag team in the entire world. This is why we are so dominant. We don’t care who steps up.

“Anybody from any promotion, any challengers wanna step to us…they can get it. Anytime. I have my eyes on everybody that feels like they can compete with Fire and Flava. That’s who I got my eyes on. So whoever has the time, we got the place and we got the days. Tuesday nights on AXS TV at 8pm. ”

Getting to work with pro wrestling legend Jazz, and how inspiring Jazz has been to her career:

Steelz: “I was getting excited to think that either we would be facing Havok and Nevaeh in the finals or Jordynne and Jazz. I was like, ‘Oh man, if we’re facing Jazz and Jordynne in the finals, this is going to be like facing a close relative.’ Seriously, I’ve looked up to Jazz for so, so long, and I’ve watched her for so long. A couple of girls I used to be in the locker room with used to call me baby Jazz, and I would take that as a high compliment because I just love this woman.

“Just her being there…she just…you could pick her brain about anything and everything and she gives you so much history of the stuff she’s been through and stuff you can just learn in the future. She’s got a little retirement tour coming up and I told her, ‘You can come stop by the hard knocks of Steelz and we can go.’ I don’t know if I’ll be victorious but I’m going to try.

The full video is available here.

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