B. Brian Blair Recalls The Time Andre The Giant Pissed Off (And Pissed On) Dusty Rhodes

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B. Brian Blair Recalls The Time Andre The Giant Pissed Off (And Pissed On) Dusty Rhodes

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(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

There’s an old saying about it being “better to be pissed off than pissed on” but B. Brian Blair recalls an eventful road trip where Andre The Giant did both of those things to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Blair recently spoke with WrestleZone and shared some road stories, including one memorable road trip with Dusty Rhodes and Andre The Giant. Blair says they were riding together for an event loop and Andre loved to ride in his 1972 powder blue Lincoln Continental because it was “a big-bodied town car” that he could fit in. As he explained it, they had a 200-mile trip ahead of them in between towns, and Dusty asked Blair to stock up on alcohol for the journey.

“So, we were on the road and Dusty looked at me, I’m all ears and he said ‘we’re 220 miles away and Andre likes to drink. I need you to get two bottles of Crown Royal, I need you to get him a case of Budweiser, a case of Lone Star. If you drive you can have a six-pack, whatever you want.’ He said to get a cooler, make sure the beer is cold,” Blair explained, “and to get another little cooler because the ice is going to be freezing. Get the other cooler and we’ll pee in the cooler since it’s too cold to get out.”

Blair recalled that it was a very cold night in January and had a bit of a problem because his car’s heater was broken, but luckily they hadn’t asked him to turn up the heat yet. As they pulled up to the building for the first event in the loop, he said Dusty Rhodes had instructed him where to park the car and said Blair should make sure the car was warmed up and ready to go since they’d be sweaty and cold after the matches.

“So they come out afterward and jump in the car, Dusty sits in the back, he’s riding the hump and just talking about his match. Andre gets in the front and puts his head down, just tips the seat back a little bit. So we’re going down the road and by this time there’s ice, it looks like a blizzard. It was so cold, it was freezing and it was probably 40 degrees in my car, maybe. It was 40, 50 at the max. They’ve just got t-shirts on, their trunks and boots, and now everyone’s drinking. I had a few beers and we’re maybe 100 miles, about halfway out,” Blair explained, “and everybody’s peed in the cooler. Then Andre would fart and laugh, he’s holding his belly since he’s laughing so hard, watching him laugh was like it was contagious. All of a sudden, Andre went backward and my seat broke! Dusty had the cooler on his lap and the headrest and corner of the seat had hit the cooler, and it busted all over The American Dream.

Dusty starts yelling, ‘God damn, Andre! You just pissed on the American Dream, I can’t believe you did that! Andre The Giant, one of the greatest Superstars in the business and I’m getting pee on me! This is the last time this story gets told, I don’t want anybody to know that The American Dream got peed on by Andre The Giant and B. Brian Blair!’ And he’s just going nonstop, Andre’s laughing and [Dusty’s] asking for a towel. It was so cold and he’s asking to turn the heater on but it’s broken, so he must have been frozen,” Blair said. “By the time we got back to Jackson he was so mad at me, so unbelievably mad. Andre being there made it that much better and it was just so, so funny, if you can imagine it.”

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