Awesome Kong Teases Crossover Between AEW & GLOW

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Awesome Kong Teases Crossover Between AEW & GLOWAwesome Kong

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Awesome Kong was recently interviewed on the Collider Live show to talk about several professional wrestling topics. During the interview, Kong (real name Kia Stevens), who is also a co-star on the Netflix professional wrestling drama, “GLOW,” teased a crossover between the TV show and AEW.

A potential GLOW and AEW crossover:

“They were very excited for my return, they celebrated that, they thought it was absolutely awesome. I think – I can’t make any promises but I believe that we might see someone visit at least, you know, that’d be fun right?”

If she has pitched the idea to AEW officials:

“There have been discussions about the possibilities, what that would look like, and what we would do. I think right now, there’s a plan and once those plans are realized and we can get a little loosey-goosey and see what else we can do. We would have to be careful and just make sure things fit together nicely, something that the fans would appreciate and not ridicule. Because y’all know sometimes it’s hard to please them.”

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Earlier in the month at the AEW Dynamite post-show scrum in Washington, D.C. Tony Khan was asked a similar question about the potential for a crossover. Khan said he would be open to it, noting that he would “love to do it” but noted at the time that he wasn’t sure if that’s something Stevens was open to.

Stevens also spoke with Wrestlezone earlier this summer ahead of the GLOW season three premiere and touched on how she tries to maintain the image of her Kong persona while making appearances as herself. Stevens noted that Tammé is so upbeat and fun compared to her quiet and imposing wrestling character, and she was still trying to figure out how to balance the two.

“There are times where I’m not really as, I’ll say fun and flirty, on the red carpet or just in public or even on social media. It’s like people [will say] ‘Well you’re so different!’ and it’s as if I ruin Kong for them, if that makes sense. And I hate to ruin Kong for people,” Stevens said, “so it’s a balance I haven’t quite mastered yet. How to both be Kia Stevens in the outside world and to maintain that image of Kong.”

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