Authorized Vince McMahon Biography In The Works For 2022

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Authorized Vince McMahon Biography In The Works For 2022

Vince McMahon

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Even in the periods where wrestling isn’t drawing you in like it used to, there is one fascination that unites the entire fanbase in continued fascination . That is the amazingly improbably life and times of Vincent K. McMahon. He’s an eccentric figure with mannerisms and habits that are either fascinatingly complex or downright maddening, depending on who you ask. All we know is that any insight into Vince’s mind is welcome, and we’re about to get a whole lot more.

Abraham Riesman, the author behind an upcoming biography about Marvel Comics frontman Stan Lee, has announced that work has begun on Ringmaster, a biography all about the Chairman. The official book description described the tale thusly: “Vince McMahon went from a dyslexic boy growing up in a trailer park to the iconoclastic Chairman and CEO of the multi-billion dollar WWE empire.”

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I come bearing good news: I’m writing another book! This one’s a biography of Vince McMahon, the emperor of professional wrestling. It’s for @simonandschuster’s @atriabooks imprint. Release date TBD, but I’d guess 2022. Many thanks to my amazing agent, @rossharris1, and my tremendous editor, @amardeol. Wish me luck!

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Of course, Ringmaster will be an “authorized” work, so we’re not going to get the full story, or even some of the stories we may have heard traded around already. However, with new exclusive interviews from some of Vince’s closest confidants, we may get a new look at the chairman and new insight into exactly why he does what he does. Now, we just have to wait until Simon and Schuster publishes the book in 2022.

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