Austin Theory On His Call-Up, Feeling At Home In The Ring And More

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Austin Theory On His Call-Up, Feeling At Home In The Ring And More

Photo Credit: WWE

Austin Theory recently appeared on the SwerveCity Podcast, where he discussed several topics, including his call-up to the main roster and the time he met Paul Heyman. Here are some highlights:

On his call-up and WWE WrestleMania 36:

Theory: “I remember I was doing like a leg workout on a football field, you know, of course. Austin Theory’s always working out. But, yeah, they called me and they were like, ‘Hey, we want you to come film Main Event,’ and I was like okay, so I get there, and the Main Event match, the actual match gets cut. So now I’m just like alright. They’re just like, ‘Come back tomorrow and film it,’ and I’m like okay. So, show up the next day, film Main Event, I’m like, ‘Hey, you guys need me for anything else?’ They’re like, Nope,’ so I go all the way home. Get a call, ‘Hey you need to come do RAW.’ And I’m like oh, okay. And then we do some RAW, and then right after that, they’re like, ‘Hey you’re on WrestleMania now.’ I’m just like, oh. Yeah, I’m just like, alright.”

“People ask me, ‘How’d you feel, were you nervous?’ But honestly man, I feel like you get nervous when you have time….But it happened so quick, I didn’t really have time to get, like, all worried, and, ‘Oh man, what if this goes wrong, what about this?’ There was just no time to think, it was like, ‘Yo, just go do what you know.’”

On his relationship with Paul Heyman:

Theory: “When we did have that show on the independents, and Paul Heyman showed up, he told me before he left, he said, ‘I’ll be seeing you very soon.’ I didn’t know that would be WrestleMania 36, so yeah. “

On loving wrestling and feeling at home in the ring:

“I still tell people to this day, I’m just that kid that never grew up, and you know, they’re like, ‘How does it feel?’ Like even when kids ask me, I love it. They’re like, ‘How does it feel to be on RAW? How does it feel to be on WrestleMania now?’ I’m like, ‘Exactly like you would feel if you got told right now that you were gonna be on.’”

“I think it was one of my first shows, it wasn’t too far from home, but it was North Carolina. And I remember seeing a ring, and I was just like, ‘Oh man, it doesn’t matter where I go. As long as I see a ring, I’m good.’”

The full video is available below:

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