Austin & Colten Discuss Training and working Under Billy Gunn

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Austin and Colten Gunn, the AEW World Tag Team Champions, were just recently visitors on Fightful’s Wrestling Perspective Podcast with Lars Frederiksen and Dennis Farrell. The Gunns talked about a range of subjects – – if they were fast-tracked in AEW, winning the World Tag Team Titles, needing to finish college prior to thinking about training as a professional wrestler, and more.

Colten and Austin Gunn likewise went over training and working under the careful eye of their dad, WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn. Here’s the highlights:

Austin Gunn on training with his papa; why he likes to be chewed out: “I believe me and Colten discover in various methods, as I turned up in football and Lacrosse and I like to be chewed out. And I like to be– well, my daddy utilized to chew out me in the ring and beat me up, it was more of like [a response from me of], ‘Okay, I’ll reveal you how to do it. I’ll reveal you that I’m capable of doing this. Oh, I made that error? Enjoy this, I’m not going to make it ever once again.’ It’s more like me showing to him that I truly desired it. And he stated that me and Colten had to get a degree initially prior to we even attempted this due to the fact that I came directly out of college. When I went in the day after I finished, it was kind of like, it was me showing to him that I truly desired to be there. I believe simply yeah, that’s it. It’s simply, I like to be chewed out.”

Colten Gunn on how his technique to wrestling and formula with Billy is various: “Yeah, when you ask if it’s difficult to listen to my father? It’s not, since he’s existed, done that. He’s a Hall of Famer. Like, who much better to listen to? And he understands precisely, like Austin stated, how to press your buttons. Austin is like, ‘Yell at [ me] whereas I’m simply more of like, ‘Explain to me why that was incorrect, and after that I’ll go do it right the next time.”

Colten on Austin and himself dealing with their daddy backstage: “And backstage, when we’re putting our matches together and whatever like that, he assists, and we listen to him. I’m a huge advocate of, if you’ve existed and done that, I’m gon na listen to what you state. And my daddy has, and he’s our daddy.”

Austin on when it’s difficult to listen to Billy Gunn: “Sometimes, the amusing thing was when we were dealing with him and me and Colten wished to venture out our own and attempt our originalities out there. It’s sort of difficult to listen to him often when he stated, something will not work. We desire to attempt brand-new things due to the fact that as young up and comers. We wish to see if something will work. And he typically describes why it will not work, however he constantly provides us the liberty to do it. He goes, ‘Hey listen, I’m simply going to reveal you or describe to you why this may not work, however you can head out and do whatever you desire.’

” So in some cases, we would get distressed with ourselves due to the fact that like, ‘Man we actually wish to attempt that out there, however Dad states it’s not going to work.’ There were times where we went out there and discovered and stopped working from it, and stated, ‘Oh, Dad was right.’ And there’s times when we headed out there, possibly it wasn’t the very best option however we’re all interacting and attempting to make the very best items. It’s tough to listen to them in some cases in that element.”

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