Aubrey Edwards Responds To Critics Who Believe She Is Too Associated With AEW Matches

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AEW referee Aubrey Edwards just recently appeared on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast to go over a vast array of subjects. Here are the highlights:

Receiving criticism for being too associated with matches:

” When it initially began taking place, it was something where I resembled, ‘Oh, Twitter is ultimately going to dislike me due to the fact that I’m a lady. That’s going to simply take place.’ I’m actually great about not listening to criticism that does not matter. I listen to useful criticism. That’s where I’ve been focused. If Jericho is putting me in a match, and he’s pushing me and desires me to push him back, I’m going to do it. It’s eventually not my choice, it’s his choice since it’s his story, and I’m there to assist raise the story that he’s informing.”

Not attempting to be a character:

” It’s not like I attempted to be a character, it was simply sort of like, they found out I have an extremely go-getter character and extremely no-nonsense, and as individuals selected me in matches they resembled, ‘Oh, if I push her, I get a great deal of heat for that, let’s do that,’ and it’s occurred naturally. It was never ever something I planned, it was something that took place since the wrestlers asked me to do things in matches and I do them.”

” I get none at AEW due to the fact that all of the people are friggin excellent. They are all definitely amazing. I will hear some criticism online from other referees that are on the Indies. Man, why are you slamming individuals on television? Do not you desire a task? I do not concentrate on the criticism, I concentrate on how ridiculous individuals are, why are you slamming something online and after that shooting me a DM about getting a task at AEW? We’re not going to do that if you simply shit all over me.”

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