Asuka Helps Io Shirai Defeat Sasha Banks At Great American Bash

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Asuka Helps Io Shirai Defeat Sasha Banks At Great American Bash

Photo Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks came into NXT Great American Bash looking for a statement win against Io Shirai. Instead, she was the unfortunate recipient of Asuka’s Green Mist, as the WWE RAW Women’s Champion returned to help her friend take down Banks.

The match between Shirai and Banks was every bit as incredible as fans would hope, as the two superstars went at it for most of the affair. Towards the end, however, things got a bit chaotic, as Bayley stepped in to assist her friend, distracting the referee by tossing in Shirai’s NXT Women’s Championship in order to hit Shirai while the referee wasn’t looking. Thankfully for Shirai, though, her own friend was there, as Asuka popped up from underneath the ring to deliver the Green Mist to Banks. Banks survived the pin attempt, but Shirai landed a moonsault soon after that ended things.

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below:

Banks sends Shirai into the ring. Shirai puts Banks in the crossface. Bayley tosses her title into the ring to distract the referee. Bayley clocks Shirai. Bayley and the referee have a tug of war with the tag title. As Banks tries to pick up the other tag title to hit Shirai with it, Asuka appears from under the ring and grabs the title. Asuka spits the mist in Banks’ face. Shirai rolls up Banks. Banks kicks out. Shirai lands the Moonsault for the win.

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