Assessing Cody Rhodes’ Opinion on Logan Paul’s Skills and Previewing Next Week’s SmackDown Roster

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Cody Rhodes was a recent guest on the “Gabby AF” podcast, where he lavished praise on JD McDonagh and Logan Paul.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On JD McDonagh: “He’s been one of the most impressive callups I feel from NXT, and I really wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t have low expectations, I didn’t have high expectations. But that’s potentially a big-time player moving forward. Again, could care less about him personally. His head’s giant. I mentioned the Funko pop thing. No doubt, it’s far beyond the size of his body. But probably gonna be a big-time player for WWE at some point.”

On Logan Paul: “How good is he, huh? There’s some what I call pretend wrestlers in all companies, all across the world, and I think he probably irritates them the most because brother is an absolutely stellar professional wrestler. Absolutely stellar. Greatest rookie year of all time, perhaps. He is blazing forward, so I look forward to what he does.”

In other news, you can check out the updated lineup for next week’s episode of WWE SmackDown below:

* LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso
* Solo Sikoa returns.

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Cody Rhodes Praises JD McDonagh and Logan Paul in Recent Podcast Appearance

In a recent episode of the “Gabby AF” podcast, professional wrestler Cody Rhodes expressed his admiration for fellow wrestlers JD McDonagh and Logan Paul. Rhodes, known for his time in WWE and his current role in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), had high praise for both McDonagh and Paul.

Speaking about JD McDonagh, Rhodes described him as one of the most impressive callups from NXT. Rhodes admitted that he didn’t have any specific expectations for McDonagh but was pleasantly surprised by his performance. He believes that McDonagh has the potential to become a big-time player in WWE in the future. Rhodes also jokingly mentioned McDonagh’s large head, comparing it to a Funko pop figure, but acknowledged that it doesn’t take away from his talent.

Turning his attention to Logan Paul, Rhodes commended the YouTuber-turned-boxer for his skills as a professional wrestler. Rhodes referred to Paul as an “absolutely stellar” wrestler and praised his rookie year, considering it one of the greatest of all time. He acknowledged that there are some wrestlers who may be irritated by Paul’s success, but he personally looks forward to seeing what Paul accomplishes in the industry.

In addition to discussing McDonagh and Paul, Rhodes also shared some news about the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown. The lineup for the next episode includes a match between LA Knight and Jimmy Uso, as well as the return of Solo Sikoa.

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Overall, Cody Rhodes’ praise for JD McDonagh and Logan Paul highlights the talent and potential of these two wrestlers. It also offers a glimpse into the ongoing excitement and evolution of the wrestling industry, keeping fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come.