Ash By Elegance: TNA Provides a Platform for Me to Showcase My True Self

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In a recent interview with Distortion Media, TNA’s newest signee Ash By Elegance (formerly Dana Brooke) discussed her WWE release, her current goals, and more.

Ash By Elegance was released from her WWE contract in September 2023.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On competing in TNA: “I cannot wait to get the ball and run with [it]. For 12 years, the perfect word would be comfortable. I was comfortable in a position, I felt like I couldn’t really control my own destiny, with TNA I am given an opportunity to really show the world who I am, the potential that I feel I haven’t tapped into yet.”

On wanting to show the world what she can do: “I cannot wait to go out and show the world what I can do. It’s definitely a different side of me, I kind of want to leave that old character in the past and bring out something new and elegant and fun, a totally different character, a totally different look, and bring elegance and class and sass to the ring.”

Former WWE superstar Dana Brooke, now known as Ash By Elegance, recently opened up about her WWE release and her future goals in a candid interview with Distortion Media. The talented wrestler expressed her excitement about joining TNA and the opportunity it presents for her to showcase her true potential.

After spending 12 years with WWE, Dana Brooke admitted that she had become comfortable in her position and felt limited in terms of controlling her own destiny. However, with her move to TNA, she believes she has been given the chance to truly shine and demonstrate to the world what she is capable of.

“I cannot wait to get the ball and run with it,” Ash By Elegance stated, expressing her eagerness to make the most of this new chapter in her career. She emphasized that she wants to leave her old character behind and bring forth a fresh, elegant, and fun persona. She aims to bring a different look and style to the ring, combining elegance, class, and sass.

The interview highlighted Ash By Elegance’s determination to prove herself and show the world her untapped potential. She is excited about the opportunity to break free from the constraints she felt in WWE and explore new avenues for her wrestling career.

Fans of Dana Brooke and wrestling enthusiasts can catch the full interview on Distortion Media’s YouTube channel. The interview provides a deeper insight into Ash By Elegance’s mindset and her aspirations for the future.

The transition from WWE to TNA opens up a world of possibilities for Ash By Elegance. TNA has a reputation for providing a platform for wrestlers to showcase their skills and creativity. With her experience and passion for the sport, it is expected that Ash By Elegance will make a significant impact in TNA.

As she embarks on this new journey, Ash By Elegance’s fans eagerly await her debut in TNA. They are excited to witness the evolution of her character and the unique style she brings to the ring. With her determination and talent, there is no doubt that Ash By Elegance will leave a lasting impression on the wrestling world.

In conclusion, Ash By Elegance’s interview with Distortion Media shed light on her WWE release and her aspirations for the future. Her move to TNA presents an exciting opportunity for her to showcase her true potential and bring a fresh, elegant, and fun persona to the wrestling ring. Wrestling fans eagerly anticipate her debut in TNA and look forward to witnessing her success in this new chapter of her career.