Ash By Elegance Aims to Achieve Double Championship Status in TNA

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Ash By Elegance has her sights set on the TNA Knockouts Championship, but that’s not the only title she plans on capturing in TNA Wrestling.

On a recent edition of the “Distortion Media” podcast, the elegant wrestler was asked for her TNA goals after debuting last month. She said,

“The ultimate goal is the [Knockouts] Championship and defeating Jordynne [Grace], if that’s who I need to face. Going into the tag team division, I’m all open for it, it’s just I need to see who the perfect fit would be for my tag team partner. I need someone as hungry as I am. I’ve said it before I’ve really got to know Xia [Brookside]. I knew her when she was such a little girl, and her father was actually one of my coaches.”

Ash added that she’d love to be a double-champion in TNA Wrestling. She said,

“We can go out there and capture those tag team titles and then I can also hold the Knockouts title as well too. A two-for-one [deal].”

Ash By Elegance debuted for TNA at the Hard to Kill relaunch event and is best known for her WWE run as Dana Brooke.

Former WWE wrestler Dana Brooke, now known as Ash By Elegance in TNA Wrestling, has set her sights on capturing the TNA Knockouts Championship. However, she has even bigger aspirations in mind. In a recent interview on the “Distortion Media” podcast, Ash revealed her goals for her TNA career.

Ash expressed her ultimate goal of becoming the TNA Knockouts Champion and defeating current champion Jordynne Grace. She is determined to prove herself in the ring and is willing to face anyone who stands in her way. Additionally, Ash expressed interest in venturing into the tag team division, but emphasized the importance of finding the perfect partner who shares her hunger for success.

During the podcast, Ash mentioned her connection with Xia Brookside, stating that she has known her since she was a young girl. Ash expressed admiration for Xia’s father, who was one of her coaches. This connection could potentially lead to a formidable tag team partnership in the future.

Ash also revealed her desire to become a double-champion in TNA Wrestling. She envisions capturing both the tag team titles and the Knockouts Championship simultaneously, referring to it as a “two-for-one deal.” This ambitious goal showcases Ash’s determination and drive to make a significant impact in TNA.

Ash By Elegance made her debut for TNA at the Hard to Kill relaunch event. Previously known as Dana Brooke during her time in WWE, Ash brings a wealth of experience and athleticism to the TNA roster. Her impressive skills and dedication to her craft make her a formidable competitor in the Knockouts division.

To gain further insight into Ash’s aspirations and mindset, fans can watch her interview on the “Distortion Media” podcast. In the interview, Ash discusses her goals, past experiences, and what she hopes to achieve in TNA Wrestling.

As Ash By Elegance continues to establish herself in TNA Wrestling, fans can expect to witness her relentless pursuit of championship gold. Whether it be in the singles division or as part of a tag team, Ash’s determination and passion for the sport will undoubtedly make her a force to be reckoned with.