Artist’s Corner: Creating The Fiend Custom Action Figure (Photos)

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Artist’s Corner: Creating The Fiend Custom Action Figure (Photos)

After the success of the first installment of Artist’s Corner we take a look at a huge collaboration project featuring the making of The Fiend custom action figure.

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This highly detailed WWE Elite action figure was created by several talented artists in the wrestling figure community, such as:

The Fiend is in high demand by collectors and was first revealed at Ringside Fest earlier this month, which means he won’t be out for a long time. These talented artists came together to make a highly detailed custom action figure of their own in the meantime and we wanted to show you all the work that went into this.

The Head Sculpts

Figure Giant/The Mad Reaper and BEW_Animations collaborated for the first time to bring a Fiend head scan to the masses for customizers to utilize to make their own. Figure Giant is a popular customizer website that provides many tools for new and veteran customizers alike, such as parts for figures like heads, arms, boots, etc. Nothing in the community existed before Figure Giant and since it came on the scene, thanks to the talented artist The Mad Reaper, it’s made waves for people to really get in the game and get what parts they need to make their visions come to life. The Mad Reaper is one of the most talented and respected customizers in the community that has been recognized by the likes of Lucha Underground and more!

BEW_Animations sculpted the main Fiend head sculpt in this article that was distributed on the site and it sold so fast they had to make a second batch to fulfill most of the demand. BEW is a young artist known for his amazing customzing skills, especially his head sculpting. You can see the process in the gallery below. He also sculpted the Bray Wyatt head with his newer hairdo.

Their partnership was one of the best thing’s to happen in BEW’s customizing career he says as it helped bring his talent to the masses and it allowed his work to be duplicated faster as Figure Giant created casts of the original sculpt, allowing multiple copies to be made and sold to customizers. Since BEW’s work is always in high demand he doesn’t always have time to make a Fiend for everyone, so going about this process made it easier for everyone involved and can satisfy customers much faster.

The highly detailed head sculpt with hair was a special side project created by a newer artist, Chris Matteson, known by username Elnuddles on social media. Chris spent a ton of time sculpting this extremely detailed head sculpt of The Fiend with real hair. He used twine for the hair and even added facial hair underneath the mask near the neck area, adding an extra layer of realism, which you can see below. Chris has recently cast this sculpt as well so he can sell it to the masses for those interested. He’s also working on a full Fiend action figure of his own that you can see on his instagram.

The Body

The body was painted and sculpted by BEW as well. He combined parts from several WWE action figures to create the base of the body, then painted it accordingly. He painted everything, such as the gloves, even down to the “Hurt” and “Heal” text on each finger as well as the tiny boot details on both boots. Not to mention he sculpted the padding on the pants and even the belt around his waist. His attention to detail and patience is mind boggling.

The crazy tattoo work was recreated by Curb Stomp Custom City Decals, whom we highlighted on the last Artist’s Corner. Curb created all the tattoos and logos from scratch based on images then made them into decal form where they could then be printed and permanently applied to the figure to give Fiend his final touches. Curb specialized in recreating logos, tattoos, etc. for customizers to use to add that extra layer of detail to their work in a much easier way.

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The Clothes

The cloth clothing was created by the very talented Thread Head Custom Clothing company, a small company that’s made its mark on the wrestling figure community by creating so many articles of clothing, from shirts to jackets to robes and more for WWE action figures. Their products are very similar to that of Mattel, making them highly sought after.

Thread Head also teamed up with Figure Giant to offer their Fiend jackets to customers on a larger scale, which also sold out very quickly. Thread Head sells a hood as well, which you can see below, to complete the entrance look should you want that for yours. Not to mention they created the red sweater on our Bray Wyatt in the gallery below, another accessory you can get for your customs from them if interested.

The Lanterns

Lastly we have the final touches of the figure to complete The Fiend and that’s from TSM_Wrestling_Customs and Elnuddles.

TSM created a cast of a sculpted Fiend lantern that he could sell to the masses on his website much easier than making individual ones for each customer. This has been a huge top seller for his website with everyone creating Fiend as you can’t have Fiend without his iconic lantern! TSM got his start by customizing and gained so much popularity at a young age that he was able to do it full time and provide for his family, something you don’t hear of often in the community. Not to mention BEW happily painted the cast for us to give it his special finishing touch.

While Chris, aka Elnuddles, on the other hand created a very special lantern for us that actually lights up. The mind of Chris is so amazing as he figured out a way to not only sculpt Fiend’s disturbing lantern, but also find a way to have such a small scaled sculpture light up to make it look as realistic as possible. You can see his amazing work in the photo at the top as well as in the gallery below.

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Overall, this is one of the coolest projects we’ve ever been a part of as so much talent went into making this. These artists deserve to have their talent recognized and you can see it in all the imagery provided. Their work speaks for itself and we wanted to help them get their work out there even more. Most of these artists still have several of these sculpts and items available for purchase should you be interested in making your own, just be sure to message them directly or visit their websites. Regardless, give these artists a follow to keep up with all of their amazing work!

We hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Artist’s Corner and be sure to keep an eye out for the next one, we hear it’ll be All Elite!

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