Aron Stevens Uses The Power Of Karate To Win NWA National Championship

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Aron Stevens Uses The Power Of Karate To Win NWA National Championship

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Aron Stevens shocked the NWA world tonight, as he stepped into a triple threat match for the NWA National Championship and came out as the victor. Facing Ricky Starks and the reigning champion Colt Cabana, Stevens utilized some excellent karate to come as the winner, although his victory came after some help from a friend. For a brief recap of the match, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of NWA Into the Fire:

Starks is surviving on instinct against Aron who kicks Stroke Daddy grounded. Starks tries a small package, but Aron kicks out. Another two count for Aron afterwards. In comes Colt but Aron dumps him again to the outside. Starks goes on the offense and changes the tide with a slingblade. “Ricky Starks” chant in the GPB Studios. Double team atomic drops by Starks and Boom Boom before they both give a wishbone split to Stevens. Starks hits a missile dropkick and senton on both Aron and Colt in succession. Starks goes for a tornado DDT but Colt escapes and Ricky rolls his way into an adomindal stretch. Colt catches Starks in The Billie Goat’s Curse and Starks literally bites the ropes to break the hold. Stevens is shown hiding once more in a sheet at ringside. Both Starks and Colt trade pinfalls. Starks goes for a backslide pin but another kick-out by Colt. Colt then gets almost another pinfall on Starks. Starks hits a tornado DDT. Colt goes for the Superman pin, but Question Mark strikes him in the throat. Starks spears Cabana. Aron Stevens slides in and gets the pinfall win as Question Mark holds Starks back.

All that training in the Mongrovian Dojo is paying off for @AronsThoughts 🔥 #IntoTheFire 🔥

— Javier DraVen🏴‍☠️ (@WrestlingCovers) December 15, 2019

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