Arn Anderson Shares Why Corey Graves Is Valuable To WWE Commentary

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Arn Anderson Shares Why Corey Graves Is Valuable To WWE Commentary

Corey Graves

Corey Graves is on Smackdown for good reason and Arn Anderson gives his opinion regarding the lead color commentator’s value for Friday Nights on FOX.

On a recent episode of ARN, The Enforcer gives his thoughts to why a younger voice like Corey Graves is valuable to have on the WWE commentary team. Conrad pitches him the question initially by stating himself that he believes Graves is one of the best to currently speak behind the booth right now.

“He obviously has the in-ring background, he has a cool look, it feels like he’s ‘inside baseball’ enough and up on his stuff where ‘smart fans’ can enjoy his work, but even if you’re a casual fan you can be into it and somehow, he checks Vince’s boxes…” Conrad says before asking Arn what he thinks about Graves’ work.

“I don’t know these days cause I don’t watch to be honest with you, but I know it brought a different element, a younger element,” Arn says. “Just his appearance alone made you pay attention and he appealed to a younger crowd and I think you have to have a mix of different announcers that cover and check different boxes just like you have talent and Corey was a guy that was opinionated. I don’t how much of those opinions were his own and those projected for him to have, but he fits in with that younger demographic and you’re always wanting to grab that, that’s for sure.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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