Arn Anderson Says There Was Never A Plan For The Anonymous RAW GM

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Arn Anderson Says There Was Never A Plan For The Anonymous RAW GM

The anonymous general manager of WWE RAW is an angle that ran from 2010 until the Summer of Punk in 2011. there was never an official reveal for the general manager until an episode of Monday Night RAW casually revealed that Hornswoggle was the person behind the laptop.

Speaking on his podcast, longtime WWE producer Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on the long-running angle and says that he believes there was never an actual plan for the reveal and says the anonymous general manager was just an easy story device to be able to run back to during a time where a new pay-per-view was always coming around the corner.

“I think it was just when everybody was drawing a blank on what to do next, and we were just running through angles. Like I said, it all stems back to that, having that big show pay-per-view every single month. You have to understand, you’ve got to blow off your angles. Next week, you got four weeks, maybe, or three weeks to get to the next show, you got to start up a brand new set of angles and circumstances and build it and get it to a point where people are going to spend $54.99 to get that show all again in three weeks.”

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He continued, “It leaves you in a position where you’ve got to have something to put some Band-Aids on different stuff, and for that period of time that was the Band-Aid to when everybody drew a blank. ‘Well, what do we do this week?’ OK, go to that anonymous general manager and have him decree something goofy because there was not a face to it. And then not only that, there was never a — I don’t think a plan for that to ever become anyone. So there was no grand scheme of things either.”

Recently, on The New Day podcast, Kofi Kingston revealed that Hornswoggle’s grand reveal as the anonymous general manager was supposed to lead to the former leprechaun becoming “Big Nick from Jersey.” Unfortunately, Hornswoggle just wasn’t able to get into that character.

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