Arn Anderson Says Roman Reigns Should’ve Turned Heel Years Ago: ‘A Lot Of Mistakes Made Along The Way’

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Arn Anderson Says Roman Reigns Should’ve Turned Heel Years Ago: ‘A Lot Of Mistakes Made Along The Way’

Arn Anderson

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

On ARN, a podcast hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson, Anderson regularly reflects on WWE programming from the past. As a former producer with the company, he had a front-row seat to monumental moments and storylines. In a recent exchange on the podcast, Anderson argues that despite Roman Reigns‘ recent success, he should have been a heel much longer than he actually did. He says that Reigns could have had an unforgettable heel turn and subsequent face turn:

Anderson: “When you’re writing promos for him, and you’re having a guy like Roman Reigns, the beast that he is, and the intelligent guy that he is, the athlete that he is, the accomplished worker that he is, saying stupid s— like suffering succotash, I think there were a lot of mistakes made along the way. You have to recognize, when you have a special talent come along and it was clear to everybody, Roman was a star.”

“When you have somebody special like that, you have to have a goal and a game plan for him. And he should have stayed a heel, from the days of The Shield, when they were first brought aboard as heels, you could have turned the other two guys. Should have singled Roman out, but as a heel. And he could have stayed a heel all this time and had one turn at the proper time that mattered. Because when you flip-flop your personality, your characters and your ‘heel or babyface,’ good guy or bad guy, so many times back and forth, people can’t trust you. They can’t trust a word you say on a promo because last week, they loved you, this week they’re saying shut up. And it just diminishes your credibility. And when you have credibility with the audience, you’re halfway there, and I think he should have stayed a heel, [and] had one massive turn to turn him babyface.”

Anderson said that a turn like the one he described could have been as successful as Hulk Hogan’s legendary heel turn when he joined the nWo.

The full episode is available below:

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