Arn Anderson Praises Scott Hall For Paying His Dues, Having A Good Business Sense In Wrestling

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Arn Anderson Praises Scott Hall For Paying His Dues, Having A Good Business Sense In Wrestling

scott hall

Photo by Clayton Chase/Getty Images for Music Lodge

The Arn Show had another edition of “Ask Arn” this week and “The Enforcer” was asked about “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall. Host Conrad Thompson tossed a question wanting to get Arn’s feelings regarding Hall and Anderson had high praise for one of the hottest stars of the 1990s. Arn saw the smart business sense and awareness “The Lone Wolf” has for the one true sport of pro wrestling and gives him a lot of credit for making the most of it to his advantage.

“Well Scott’s a guy that God gave him a lot of gifts,” Arn started off. “He was a big rugged guy with a good look. Aptitude for this business. Knowledge that he acquired. He had a good grasp on the business. He paid some dues early and he learned how to navigate the business end to his benefits and I respect that. The guy figured out a way to get paid and him and Kevin had a lot of power, Kevin Nash, with the NWO thing, simply because it worked and it caught on and it was an idea never thought of before, ‘Wow, let’s turn Hulk Hogan heel, put him with those guys,’ and man, it just flamed up, but Scott has been through some rough waters like we all have in the business and he’s able to get his head back up above water and get back healthy and I’m glad to see that.

“He’s been around a long time and I think had pretty much a stellar career as far as you go back and check the history books. One of the first things that’ll pop up will be the NWO and he was a huge part of that. He was a guy that could go out and really perform. He could really tear it up with anybody you put him out there with and so he is definitely a huge success story in this business.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Arn was asked plenty more in this episode which you can check out in full below, chico.

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