Arn Anderson Doesn’t Think His Son Was Fully Prepared For AEW Debut, But He’s Still A ‘Proud Papa’

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Arn Anderson Doesn’t Think His Son Was Fully Prepared For AEW Debut, But He’s Still A ‘Proud Papa’

Arn Anderson

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Arn Anderson recently watched his son Brock Anderson debut in AEW, for Arn — who had to retire from the industry in his mid-thirties, typically a wrestler’s peak, this was the peak of his journey.

Speaking to DAZN, “The Enforcer” admitted that his son probably wasn’t ready for the spot but looked solid all the way through.

It would be easy for me to try to play a hard ass on this and go, ‘Oh well, business as usual.’ When it’s your son out there, he probably had not enough training yet to be under those circumstances, and I was nervous for him. I was more nervous than he was. He actually was pretty solid all day long. But to see him have his first day in a business that I have loved since I was eight years old — and I tell people, it’s the greatest way to make a living on the earth, it really is. To see him enjoy himself and hold his own and do well. I am a proud papa.

Comparing his son’s debut to his own from a generation ago during the territory system in professional wrestling, Arn Anderson couldn’t help but marvel at the differences.

“Oh, God. Well, it was a whole different format. It wasn’t about me, my first day on TV. I walked out on Atlanta TV and just got slaughtered, and that’s the way things were done, and I was glad to do it. I knew going in what it was going to be. His was much, much different. His debut was with the idea that he was, at some point, going to be a player. Me, I was just one of the cattle called that came to television and different territories around the world and was there for one reason: To enhance the other guy. It’s probably as far one end of the spectrum as you can be from his debut.”

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