Arn Anderson Discloses His Top Four Icons of Professional Wrestling

Arn Anderson Discloses His Top Four Icons of Professional Wrestling
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A recent episode of his podcast, “The ARN Show”, featured WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Arn Anderson, as he peeled back the layers of his personal selection of the greatest four professional wrestlers of his time. He opened up about why he didn’t choose some of the more popular names for his “Mt. Rushmore of wrestling.”

Below is a glimpse of the notable moments from the podcast:

Discussing his concept of the ultimate pro wrestling Mount Rushmore, Arn says, “To omit Flair would be unthinkable. Likewise, those who fail to recognize Hogan’s instrumental role in revolutionizing the marketing and perception of the sport, are off the mark. Ricky Steamboat certainly merits a mention… The contribution he continues to garner praise for — selling, remains unequaled. Equally deserving of a place is Ricky Morton.”

Addressing the question of why iconic wrestlers like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin weren’t included in his list, he states, “It’s undeniable that they were dominant forces in the ring. The conundrum is, how could anyone leave Undertaker out of their list? However, the essence of my preference for Ricky Morton is his unique ability to use raw emotion in portraying his struggles in the ring. He had the knack to get under the skin of the antagonists. Ricky also had the rare ability to connect with the audience to such an extent, that they were literally ready to leap across the railing to come to his aid. His selling ability was phenomenal and, in my opinion, the most valuable asset a wrestler can have. Today’s wrestlers, especially those just starting out, could learn a lot from him. My advice to anyone wishing to make their mark in this industry? Perfect your selling because the success of a match depends on our ability to sell for each other.”

You can witness the entire discussion in the embedded video below: