Ariane Andrew Featured On New Track ‘Bubblegum’ By Mouleta

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Ariane Andrew Featured On New Track ‘Bubblegum’ By Mouleta

Mougleta feat Ariane Andrew

Photo Credit: Mougleta / Ariane Andrew

Ariane Andrew is back with a new featured performance.

Following up on the June release of her song “Born With It”, Ariane Andrew is featured on Mouleta’s new track “Bubblegum.” Mouleta has over 2 million streams on Spotify per month; the song is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Check out a clip of the music video below:

BUBBLEGUM IS OFFICIALLY OUT@mougleta ft yours truly 😘
Available on all streaming platforms
Thanks to everyone who made this happen 🙏🏾

— Ariane Andrew (@ArianeAndrew) September 10, 2021

Ariane Andrew spoke with WrestleZone about her other projects as well as her AEW appearance, explaining how she maintained contact with Brandi Rhodes over the years and it led to her appearance in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament in 2020.

“Brandi [Rhodes] reached out to me; I’d say back in August I had reached out to her and she was like, ‘You know what? I will keep you in mind’ and then she was like ‘Remember when I said I would keep you in mind?’ It happened so quick, it was less than a week to get it together. I had no gear and I hadn’t been in the ring, so it was a lot but I did it! It was one of those types of things where it was not necessarily how I wanted to come back but I felt like AEW is such a great opportunity and me and Brandi go way back, I love what they are doing with the product so it was just like if this happens to be my last match, I think it will be fun—which it’s not going to be though, but at the time I thought if it happens to be.”

Read about what else Ariane is up to, including hosting her Sippin’ The Tea podcast at this link.