Appalachian Recount: Kevin Sullivan and Shane Douglas — Free Shoot Interview! Segment Two

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The Taskmaster and The Franchise focus on over with the ACW studio to chat about the history of professional wrestling. Segment Two

I be wild about wrestling, because they are awesome. Foreign show cherish this you acquired a form of energy you get to head from the barn into the interior house however Kevin you left off with you've now gone to West Virginia broken into the industry uh how powerful time where had been you this cherish six months a twelve months three months where became your occupation when.

You first came to West Virginia presumably three months k presumably three months I came to West Virginia then I went to a territory in South Carolina yeah television and it became owned by Ray Cowan I keep in mind the title yeah that's what became the.

Promotion there it became uh South Carolina wrestling that became Dutchman College brother is that smartly suited yeah that's once I had been roommates see I've known this guy for 35 40 years it continuously amazes me how I gentle hear something I've never heard earlier than because it's been of the total hundreds of miles we've completed uh so did.

They contact you presumably did you contact them they came up to West Virginia and so that they cherish me and so that they acquired me down and then what took place did you ever hear the title Jordan heidelman he became exact broken-down-time shooter he looked exactly cherish Cass I indicate exactly yeah and uh harlemen yeah an broken-down German and uh he became a astounding swimmer however he became.

Filmed exactly yeah however uh he came in and we signed a drawer that became in Crockett's territory yeah oh so here’s below is that this below Crockett's Wings itself separate yeah and he's acquired TV so that didn't allotment of the lunch smartly suited so.

Dutch and I they had some guys from that like labored for Crockett some guys which like been enhanced with guys in Georgia however they're giving Dutch quite a bit a dinky push from the remainder of one one other and uh John Ohio came over they had been all angry because he had supposedly quit I acquired fired by Crockett.

Successfully we get there more or much less shut yourself to me induction and he tells me there's their ruin our hands or legs nice technique to start up the conversation wow I mediate I talked about however I told you guys may possibly possibly possibly be ready to maintain out something.

I mediate they talked about Dutch to Florida however they despatched me to Georgia that we know and Buddy Fuller Ray gunkel and Leo Garibaldi became the booker that's a title you don't hear of very in most cases Roddy Piper and I knew Leo slightly smartly Roddy idea Leo became his smartest e-book.

Now we just like the song by Fox smartly I heard a form of stuff about it too and I became sparkling guy so I stayed there from I mediate it became June or July till Christmas and I went house for Christmas and I began in uh the Gulf Soar there within the fields.

I had lived in Pensacola had a astounding time and then I became considering roughly how powerful time in every of these territories k I became in Atlanta cherish I talked about four months then I went to I stayed uh nine months and the Gulf Soar then I went to Nashville Mutter 13 months then I went out of Florida utter two years the.

First time so by the point you had gotten to Florida you had a apt proper two two and a half of years about two years yeah two and a half of yeah now at that point Steve Austin and I talked about this once I did this podcast we spoke about two hours exact catching up so he had spoken for goodbye and he asked me this ask he talked about lift out you mind if I asked.

It on the air uh how how prolonged he asked me did it take earlier than I began feeling pleased within the ring now no longer mastered it and even shut however if something went contaminated my hair wouldn't ranking on fire and I smartly I began going to my head and considering k what about five six seven years cherish in that differ somewhere.

At this two years in you're going to Eddie Sizable you're going to Florida that I I became very lucky to acknowledge the ask however I already know did you’re feeling that you're became in apt management of your uh your your craft or had been you gentle very cognizant of what you didn't know I became very cognitive one I didn't know however I became.

Very very lucky however what I must cherish Shane took a liking to me and he became a slightly guy would prefer been one of many sole horses of all time he died young smartly suited in a plane wreck yeah so he took a cherish into me then furthermore a blinding shooter smartly suited the.

Beginner yeah yeah and uh so he came to me and talked about I'm gonna e-book you within the Gulf Soar because I'm going in there I'm going to work in opposition to you however once I went to the Gulf Soar they set apart me with Ken Lucas you ever hear the title Punky board yeah smartly the greatest dinky one faces of all time Jack Brisco puts into the tip five located.

And uh they set apart me with him so he babysat me for nine months apt observe yeah smartly suited and then he despatched me to then they then I I left him Kenny acquired me booked in um Nashville and so that they set apart me with Len Rossi the established superstar there wow and he became in his 40s and I became exact 21 yeah so I went.

With him and it became one other guy that babysopped me so then once I acquired to Florida I became presupposed to head and be Robert from Fool's father however they set apart me with Mike Graham and I became babysit Mike at that point so it became uh it became a form of issues that threw me into the fireplace and I became.

Round two of the greatest family Pageant the catalogous made one of many greatest comebacks off cherish Ponte does smartly suited Kenny may possibly possibly possibly sell monkey I stare at punky's workers gentle gazing anywhere yeah yeah so that's how uh acquired on yeah exact exact a aspect impress for the fans here and something to deliver enhance the weed spoke a pair of dinky bit.

A video about how studying from these guys you're gonna take on some of their trades yeah and take on their trades uh since the scheme they inform and how this industry is uh once I've heard so many legendary tales about Enneagram never had the pleasure of working for me I don't take into consideration I've ever met it uh however I hear all these tales.

And it's again I’d set apart myself in a stunt those kids uh explain from all those years within the past that became the more or much less guy I’d fancy to work for any individual that became telling me trot left trot smartly suited pause going within the cyberwood explicit Route uh and I hear issues later about him to your take so to work closely with them and below them uh what became his.

Magic ingredient timing timing we exact knew staunch timing and it became getting a sample I don't care it became me reserving Florida that's the e-book of Florida Louis to let Holly Sprint memoir Funk Dodge man explain Tuesday nights Eddie booked city international.

So one evening I became wrestling Bobby Shane me and Michael Ross and Bobby Shane and Stunning George Studio Eddie laid out the fetish and the lift out I'm now no longer going to get it because I get correct however something where I had a double knockout I went to the apron Bobby.

Went down he acquired up grabbed my hand from the outside major to shuffle it into the steel post you on the apron yeah I set apart my foot up Dr Bobby talked about rammed it in Chum Buckle three instances I don't know the correct technique to chat no Bobby caught me rolled thru a little kit no we roll thru.

Lined meat one or two I kicked out a little kit I kick out at one Bobby gives me a tackle I trot backwards hits ropes and tackle a low tackle I combat thru the roast backwards Bobby backs up goes to present me a tackle I seen itself thermal sense and flip them one two he kicks out he goes to shoot me within the turnbuckle I.

Reverse it shoot him into the Babyface Starbucks I indicate I shoot it with the Babyface cervical uh give her monkey flip imprint Mike my kids or whatever two Red Sisters taxed me outsourced him with three drop kicks within the quilt so after I blow it up for the 2nd drop kicker covered him one two three.

To get upstairs so I talked about whats up Ed what did you watched apt match a shot he talked about where's the third third drop k guys mature to be the fellows within the costume or whatever he's taking half in yeah on Tuesday nights you trot up to a man he talked about no no don't consult with me they'll be going over the Build you're up and down the Halls it became cherish the.

Night we had been dwelling again oh I indicate you exact had it I indicate I knew he knew the correct technique to blueprint money guy one of many greatest matches I've ever seen in my life astounding Arthur Illinois now no longer gonna acknowledge this dinky aspect impress a dinky aspect ask in here you you are going to like to with out a doubt maintain out from 40 plus years.

Ago what'd you like for lunch the day prior to this so had been you there in Florida when Dominic came earlier than because I'd never known that now earlier than no uh I left and Dominic came in he had a gargantuan shuffle there that's smartly suited and Dominic became now no longer the form he acquired to position himself over no however he talked about Australia and Florida as being in San.

Francisco being in three areas where he became upper card uh to be in Montreal yes and Montreal yeah that's over after we first began now you talked about the title uh the grasp uh freshman uh for a sec yes Dominic talked in most cases a pair of Frenchman who had.

Educated him and however he may possibly possibly possibly now no longer keep in mind his title became it for Chef no it became uh Patrick that trained patcharide who trained the total guys k yeah I'm certain any one which came from out of the country more or much less migrated to pack k is animated uh the had been you unsleeping at this stage again now you're budding around these smaller territories and.

Then at final to Florida had been you responsive to this world accessible Portland Memphis yeah and it's within the war because cherish we get cheated we get to cheat by the usage of the accumulate smartly suited we get far more recordsdata than we would prefer earlier than back in those days it may possibly possibly possibly like been both talking to any person from there studying about it in a magazine or.

With out reference to so how are we how had been you unsleeping I'll let you understand it became it became attention-grabbing once I more or much less caught on cherish once I acquired to Florida the fellow would approach in and be I became Babyface of the Vaio and he'd exit and work and what territory looks cherish.

And uh New York became a dull man style smartly suited and Georgia it became holds and then the hills acquired a form of heat in San Francisco the fellows that came from Cisco had been doing excessive spots astronomical excessive spots infrequently ever they're now no longer infrequently ever uh Ray Stevens yeah yeah smartly suited and uh.

So how you so that you acquired to know guys that came from assorted territories I actually I became one time once I became in Nashville I became doing I idea of going to Portland and I had talked to Don Owens and he major me to approach back there and I became going to head however then I acquired the call to approach back to Florida I talked about I must trot the total scheme across country I exact.

Collapse within the states yeah championship wrestling with anything later I’d you start up reserving in areas where had you began that in that first shuffle became Eddie coming to you and no dwelling take into memoir The Studying Tree oh dude let me sit down on the laundry yeah because Mike and I had been very shut and then him.

And his dad and he had a fallen up and I knew what it became about however I wasn't going to issue Mike smartly suited and so Eddie would system to me and utter or he known as me and talked about system to the explain of enterprise at one o'clock and uh we'll trot fishing I must consult with him and I'd utter whats up I gotta trot away earlier than.

Jacksonville I don't fear I'll flit it is in all probability you’ll possibly possibly trigger a dinky heat between me and Mike smartly suited there we trot so he may possibly possibly possibly be accessible and I'd ask him questions and one time where he's where he checked out me cherish perchance the sunshine bulb comes on the smartly being facility from this idiot he asked me they had a simplest of pause of.

The twelve months yeah and he talked about what did you watched he talked about I haven't seen the sole stuff but he talked about what did you watched of the matches that's it oh they're gargantuan I bet the referee will get bumped on every matchup he went what till that became gone I indicate so.

He became he more or much less after that he more or much less told me whats up here’s that we didn't start the door exact give it a crack so I’d see a dinky gentle and then uh I became around a form of orderly guys so I know eventually Leo Garibaldi Bobby Shane.

Uh exact Kenny Lucas became orderly I indicate Rossi so corresponding to you talked about we realized from the broken-down timers and we saved their mouth shut yeah and we had been within the automobile goodbye we more or much less uh acquired her extremely pleased of their head it must be a teacher here’s a avenue memory yeah what is.

It whats up k what is it I'm now no longer certain it's offended yeah yeah the uh obviously with those territories one of many issues I continuously focus on and ask guys corresponding to you is so in Florida you guys aren't working La Boston Pittsburgh smartly suited here Florida so that you're slightly powerful house every evening yeah and making apt.

Money yeah so those territories it is in all probability you’ll possibly possibly now no longer make what form of made in WWE because they make a rattling apt dwelling and now no longer exercise it on the avenue smartly suited and uh so became the Florida Loop had been those cities uh weekly cities or had been they month-to-month the Orlando became Sunday West Palm became Monday Tampa became Tuesday Miami became Wednesday.

Thursday became Jacksonville Friday became both Fort Lauderdale or Tallahassee and so that they had two cities smartly suited and Saturday became once a month in Saint Pete once a month Lakeland once a month Sarasota and once a month they told him smartly and exact retain going how became going repeatedly lift out you watched in this present day's world uh and we continuously focus on this.

After which uh now and then um would it be that you are going to be ready to mediate of to shuffle efficiently anytime weekly I I I mediate for of us that did you'd wish to exercise a form of time because however we're furthermore creatures that occur and for of us that're in a field where there's now no longer powerful entertainment you.

Obtained to keep in mind the shame once I went to Florida the entirely professional in sport crew there became some Miami Dolphins so that they are exact depict wow yeah so it became now there is uh three soccer teams two hockey teams two basketball teams smartly suited.

So there's far more certain away there we had been it smartly suited so and back then uh I've be taught about the magazines coming up wrestling conducted off the tradition smartly suited so we had the erroneous Russians when the Chilly War became on uh Otto for the uh for the Germans and the the speeding and all that uh.

Clearly to a obvious world we we talked about this on an everyday basis privately and publicly uh how the sector has changed uh you talked about the show earlier All within the Family which incidentally for you other folk accessible that aren't familiar with the show you lived below a rock for the final 50 years reveals cherish all within the family uh Appropriate form.

Instances uh uh Jefferson's those had been reveals that had been hilarious smartly-written reveals incredibly active however those forms of reveals are what began turning the tide smartly suited of getting far off from the total bigotry and the entire lot else they did it a tongue-in-cheek scheme smartly suited uh wrestling this present day I from my point of behold it's.

Initiating to be aware the traits slightly than explain the traits so that's their analogy yeah all of this stuff that we're seeing within the industry this present day uh would prefer never been completed back within the day and likewise you wonder cherish I mediate we both know there'd be no chance in hell that any.

Network would air you for of us that went out with a stereotype uh or uh in West Virginia when ECW became offered free airing over the total Mutter they entirely asked that we had been that we had asked us to take away two clips on the outlet of the show they had been Beulah getting bumped and I mediate Franny getting bumped however our industry uh built off.

Of those issues and so that they continuously labored I now all of sudden we're in this Politically Unsuitable era where you are going to be ready to't it's any of those issues and it's now no longer entirely affecting wrestling I mediate it's affecting the tradition smartly suited comedians can't exit and be as abominable as they wish to be and push the envelope where did you.

First start up seeing that that you had been known as as of what became occurring here's a an Arab wrestler so we're gonna make a terrorist that more or much less thing smartly the the Russians and the Germans once I first acquired in had been continuously there the Eastern to however I in most cases wonder.

And I bet I'm screwing around this acknowledge because I'm now no longer in actuality certain it became cherish all of a unexpected I wakened and there it became cherish however once I take into memoir assuredly is that if we get to be this cognitive about it of definite of us smartly suited because sometime we acquired the franchise down.

And me hack and lift the bulldog and Sabu approach down and we came you and kick you rather than for more again buttons I indicate you exact want us any of this yeah yeah down to its days a stage yeah in issue that took place over that topic for of us that like kids books smartly suited the evening slays the dragon or does the Jagger and that .

It's an endangered species smartly suited I indicate again we can combat thru this repeatedly again it's continuously going to approach back back within the identical explain Madness smartly suited here and we can both conform to affiliate with it wink wink although we don't take into consideration it and fake that Wall's now no longer white uh it is and so at that point cherish in with wrestling I’d take into consideration for of us that.

Took any person cherish a Jim Barnett or an Eddie Graham Vince McMahon senior and pop them in and utter k e-book the show tonight smartly suited they they’ll get some severe heat exact primarily based mostly off their norms yeah I indicate you in actuality the sole fully fully assorted than ours and to maintain out what they did.

Even once I became a kid I won't even existing the angle however I seen this angle yeah because it dealt with uh Tire oh k utter no more yeah wow what are they doing yeah what are they doing they're now no longer talking about Jesus here’s a author a vacation didn't they however they didn't get even you.

Know any person talked about oh you are going to be ready to't the no one which talked about you are going to be ready to't lift out that previously as we get additional and additional down the twin carriageway I’m stunned how you talked about UFC early hip-hop and for of us that keep in mind McCain became the fellow that became the excessive tournament stopped the room yeah I'm stunned that some flesh presser doesn't.

Soar on a bandwagon any person's going to get hurt it's exact a topic of fact and Dana White rings a bell in my memory of uh Vince's I take care of my guys the concussions it's now no longer that you don't know what you're entering into however I've seen some uh documentaries on the fellows with concussions yeah there's some.

Flesh presser going to soar on that and utter eventually yes we've acquired to pause these fighting smartly suited and what needs to be talked about there is now no longer lower than from my outdated is that if free Martin needs to be a boxer again it's now no longer a secret he's gonna get hit however I indicate he is aware of that's allotment of the game at what point lift out you blueprint the twin carriageway.

Between me as an grownup making choices for me and astronomical brother over here deciding oh you are going to be ready to't lift out that we'll retain you protected Kevin uh guys cherish us that will never just like the option of entering into wrestling had they became their attention to that that scheme if it's existed back then you and I’d like been deprived of careers.

These fans would prefer been deprived with some fabulous matches over time and I I mediate the object about wrestling that continuously stood out to me powerful cherish within the broken-down motion photos that the hill wasn't allowed to get away with it smartly suited they couldn't spin off into the aspect fortunately ever after uh and somewhere that that became dropped the identical thing in wrestling.

I mediate by and gigantic we exit there now no longer lower than for more we approach from the industry we explain them we're out of detailing however yeah here's this astronomical mouth jerk off franchise and he's ended up paying for being a astronomical mouth cherish it may possibly't exact be repeatedly is the king of the ball uh it's again we're exact form of taking pictures around here smartly suited we'll get.

Support to your occupation so now you get in had been you unsleeping at this point what sorry three four years into the industry uh obviously I doubt that you had been getting smartly off at that point even supposing he may possibly possibly possibly like been making respectable money I became considering of apt dwelling I indicate now that I stare back you didn't stamp in Florida they had been having gasoline flops 19.

Cents a gallon yeah yeah so I indicate uh however I indicate now no longer now no longer where it is in all probability you’ll possibly possibly like wrestled for a pair years within the past no no no no no you make you make a dwelling yeah I keep in mind 1874 Jim Barnett came to back from Australia he bought out of Florida he talked about.

Gents no wrestler is going to make up to 700 a week wow he talked about truck drivers would make a hotline and likewise you acquired a far more major and truck drivers if I'm for him smartly suited smartly suited for for the books although yeah so at what point did you’re feeling to your occupation that.

That you like an affinity for this corresponding to you are going to be ready to see because you're one of many minds that I mediate in wrestling that will possibly stare at a rock and utter whats up stare at an angle there let's lift out this and that to him we've acquired a apt angle uh uh where did that start up coming in for me as a kid within the industry I became continuously so centered on I match my match once I believe about.

Anything else outside of that I didn't like time for I exact told the memoir about a instances k so now I arise to defensive signals what twelve months is that this 76 k it be major to cherish me because I became a native however it with out a doubt is however five or six years on the avenue so and he saved me in a apt dwelling I indicate.

I became the fellow that acquired the fellow wrestled from to Russell Bruno I became California's companion and I became a Giants companion I beat the fellows on the scheme out cherish Spurs and uh so he saved me in apt shape and I'm asserting to myself I'm gazing the reveals especially the astronomical reveals smartly suited fully.

All smartly suited here’s cherish eggs and Eddie became the fellow at the back of it for all individuals first took over the sixth within the late 50s and so I'm gazing this since there's a connection here however I don't know how this guy's doing because he's a huge Skill one guy acquired three matches in opposition to him one guy acquired.

Two one guy entirely acquired one smartly suited how does he know what what decides that yeah so when the brand new Rocky became filmed in there in Philadelphia oh yeah yeah that's where we mature to maintain out TV is that smartly suited yeah so that you get to TV and within the occasion you move into the costume room I left I seen the brand new rocket the varied day and he's trot by the toilets there that's.

The set apart we mature to head the loo smartly suited yeah yeah so it became a prolonged table prolonged as the automobile smartly suited and Vince would sit down within the center and the total cronies began working gorilla Lou Albano uh Arnold skolin.

Bernie Roth Angelo savoli gonna host about a hostas yeah so Vince's e-book would possibly be start and he'd be Evans by focal point on the Navy smartly suited so in the end I became there I acquired there early I took the practice from Boston because it is in all probability you’ll possibly possibly both are dwelling in Boston or New Jersey so I became dwelling in Boston.

Because he became the usage of me on the wiggle head yeah so I took the practice Checkers uh Subway over the movie we came up out of there I move in Vincent and the producer there it's two hours earlier than any one's acquired there because that's smartly suited all of a unexpected I mediate of his flu talked about events I'm sorry.

Let's trot like let's trot that Italian restaurant they're all apt so I'm sitting there all smartly suited they're gone so I arise and I start this e-book up yeah and here’s about June and I start up at the brand new allotment of the twelve months and stare at the mattress he had then I.

Seek for at then you with out a doubt I stare at who's acquired it all booked at the pause of the twelve months and the total main cities match the astronomical deal then the heel that became getting scorching it's on the third from the tip then he'd like about a native guys if he had Andrea Haystacks he has them.

In there and then on me so the 2nd third match and exact getting cautious I indicate the fellow became gazing 30 seconds oh and the remainder of them they major to flip the practice I major us cherish what you see I talked about yeah I talked about lift out you get it I talked about.

No longer a clue you must be taught I talked about all smartly suited I talked about sit down down smartly suited he talked about however I know what the fellow's capable he talked about I talked to Eddie and I talked about k one which stands out to me is you're offline the fellow again for the steering that's in a single other territory he became on the 2nd.

Or third match 30 2nd squash impress that with me and what did he utter he talked about because the fellow that's on the third match from the tip that I'm preparing for Bruno or if he will get hurt the flakes off I will be able to exact shoot that guy smartly suited there he talked about perchance even stronger than the fellow within the third match yeah I've been squash.

Earlier yeah squashes for months yeah and then I talked about then he had told me one time he talked about in most cases I will be able to pick them out however I had about a putrid loses I talked about he had bull Raiders oh yeah the room became a dinky bit blowing in there he didn't take a bump till he wrestled Bruno guys will drop kicking me.

Staggered there took a bubble however I don't mediate he didn't utter it however I don't mediate he became crazy about Bull's work or may possibly possibly possibly like been homero Odell who's his supervisor smartly suited News Canada he talked about I’d like booked him for one match in opposition to brutal all across the loop he talked about and I became of us away and.

All the pieces so furthermore you make errors assuredly however you be taught out of your errors you see you occur to take into memoir earlier yeah smartly suited it's did any ever uh may possibly possibly possibly it may possibly possibly possibly deserve to like took place became there any individual that had you trot to the building tonight in.

Lakeland Florida and likewise you acquired a buddy with me uh you get within the room beforehand did any person approach out and trot whats up who's the varied guy with Kevin and the varied thing about Eddie is I became in St Louis about a instances for some reason I loved our some reason sample Carl cherished it is that smartly suited yeah because once I first me and Kenny Lucas.

Weren't into Kansas City first on the metpack wrapping he's all-time Champion pushed me around so I talked about ah why so Pat mature to conceal the whiskey in assorted areas all across the building so I weighed about the third match with.

His four sheets of the Wind around at the back of him picked him up waist locked himself world champion my ass yeah yeah as his companion and one time I keep in mind there like been Herod of I mediate it became certain I don't know I mediate oh it's Terry and Harley and he talked about you acquired 80s number to your head I talked about.

Mosey lift out that very he talked about I don't like my e-book call lady I gotta get her lift out wow k at house to get a completed mistake moose smartly suited wow smartly respected yeah and Vincent they mature to chat each day became the again that became earlier than my time uh now no longer lower than as we've been within the industry became the Florida championship wrestling became that formally allotment of.

The NWA yeah Andrew and he became uh president twice k yeah obviously again for the fans accessible may possibly possibly possibly now no longer perceive both this broken-down college unusual college uh territory uh you weren't thrown around so the NWA corresponding to you talked about had been around with out end however it with out a doubt became a free Confederacy in San Francisco I’d shuffle St Louis.

And all these of us lift all of them together smartly suited uh and the champion corrected me from contaminated whoever became the NWA Champion had so many responsibilities to head make appearances of those exactly uh and so that they met once a twelve months they had a championship committee they voted on the uh World Heavyweight Champion the junior.

Heavyweight champion and so that they furthermore voted On Loosely for the sunshine in all areas champion because Sal De La Luna the Mexican promoter smartly suited they exhaust that as the astronomical Championship down there so there you trot all that and then they would utter we acquired up we gotta pause making an attempt around for substitute for uh Jack uh you guys in actuality swelling get.

Down on this the Five Guys they utter k let's see what occurs this twelve months in the end would make a substitute cherish that they utter they trot uh one of many briscoes or the briscoes did they exit and utter we wish a imprint crew or lift out they exit and utter we wish a imprint crew that's technical that will possibly cherish the briscoes are they procuring for a identical identical cherish.

That assuredly they would and customarily they would trot the opposite route yeah yeah it may possibly possibly possibly trot the opposite route it's apt so entirely assorted flavor yeah and both work yeah within the briscoes vein it's going to work however these guys are going to work on the.

Flip aspect and so that they would lift out that to ruin the patent yeah patterns smartly suited uh yeah because again that's it I don't feel cherish I fancy talking to our viewers here every human being you me all individuals gazing accessible we arise within the morning we slightly powerful wish to deliver that it's attention-grabbing it's a rat maze smartly suited you lift out the identical.

Whine on the hamster each day you are going to be ready to presumably Force the identical roads to them where we're going smartly suited system to or from and the varied thing about patent is k if I replace technically corresponding to you talked about would utter in briscoes if he replaces the briscoes with technical wrestlers they're now no longer going to stand up to the Bristol.

Disorder and so that they'll be weakened however if I lift the Sheep get in and then the technical wrestlers approach out and beat the Sheep Birds the burscopes would possibly be exact a memory smartly suited yeah see this here’s the more or much less stuff about reserving within the occasion you hear these issues smartly suited and likewise you hear in first person and seen it looked Saturday that Studying Tree of Eddie.

Graham uh and going out and doing it it's it however in writing explicit uh there are eight Universal issues every e-book every movie you've ever seen fall into a form of classes uh and in wrestling I bill Watson's thing again exact teach out funds uh considering uh he mature to deliver at Thanksgiving you don't see the astronomical.

Pile of turkey you wish a dinky little bit of the entire lot and I acquired the analogy directly uh and uh so within the occasion that they're going to maintain out that but to any person Young on the dressable exact coming in then now a million years within the past that is so simplistic and it's background philosophy and considering however.

Seize a hundred Bookers promoters perchance one of them will secure that smartly suited and and trot that route and that that by itself makes it stand out uh k it's too fabulous within the occasion you trot back over here because again we've labored for a scheme many promoters and what number of plenty of brokers and some of them are identical and alike however for basically the most allotment all.

Their ranking being and Paul Heyman marched his ranking drum smartly suited I indicate entirely acquired him on some stage assorted ranges didn't like a clue who he became and I'm certain Eddie became allotment of the identical one the bill became that identical scheme uh Dusty Rose let's focus on Dusty for a 2nd because I heard you talking to him on the uh the podcast earlier uh.

You perceive obviously a form of and I had talked about earlier in this interview with the uh yeah you're now no longer even sitting here interviewing Dusty move within the back room here we don't see him we're here we exact know there's any person there smartly suited that charisma precedes them ah how powerful of that first of all how powerful.

Of Dusty's reserving did he compile from Eddie became it all of it or quite a bit yeah I indicate you're going to like assorted influences however obviously I'd utter him picked it up from any in take into consideration it or now no longer that's a form of all of them smartly suited k you hear these names kicked around.

And I've met Designate uh and likewise you hear this and Dominic will focus on Designate yeah thanks to Kahlua uh king of I will be able to't yeah uh from from uh gentle white and he became there he became one of many astronomical stars in in there when Dominic came in and Dominic so we'll let you know what 50 60 some years within the past uh however he remembers Designate being there and it became.

Appropriate form hand and having that stuff that he became doing uh going in all areas here however I'm gonna strive and stick with Dustin for a 2nd uh he became uh obviously higher than I had the Charisma um and booked some of basically the most iconic stuff worldwide and I'm certain you seen several.

Issues cherish that uh what had been the principle facets that Dusty picked up from from Eddie and likewise you and what issues had been Dusty's because we throw it all together and utter we be taught any person bran however cherish what issues did he lift out knew the correct technique to get spectacular.

You perceive he bash of the seaside that became all Dusty's however now no longer passing the bash smartly suited uh Stockade smartly suited Dusty exact although Jim Clark Memorial now however Bunkhouse stampede uh he exact knew the correct technique to get gigantic events however he took Eddie's Philosophy for his matches and for of us that stare at it.

Thus the what it became it became wherever territory he's in he acquired a seals as laborious as he may possibly possibly possibly that became Eddie's Falls he had young dinky one faces supporting him yeah young apt-making an attempt Babyface the game of Magnum the rock and roll yeah he had gargantuan imprint teams that will work at Center of the night Exclaim the Improbable.

Yeah astounding ones I indicate he and then on that flip aspect the Boulevard Warriors and sales and yeah uh The Four Horsemen he certain knew the correct technique to dwelling his guys and he did cherish edited practically cherish a soccer crew k this guy's e-book quarterback refers became my quarterback.

However he needs a gargantuan left tackle capacity he doesn't like blinds we'll set apart armed in that dwelling however it with out a doubt needs an early setup I'll set apart water in that dwelling I exact knew the correct technique to play skies because it in actuality is that by no manner oversimplified because there there are programs cherish more or much less what Invoice Watts mature to deliver it does stare cherish quantum physics.

To me and the scheme why you're pushing this guy now no longer back up smartly suited one other commonality between all those gargantuan Bookers Dusty Paul and Invoice Watts Eddie uh Roy Shire those guys that had been ready to take this kid that no one in actuality pays attention to and make him a superstar in this guy where no one can figure out make you.

A superstar they had been fabulous to character development and to me now no longer the time my daughter however making an attempt back and how they would lay these angles and storylines out you talked about for the next several months out and booked out uh that they had been ready to defend the take into memoir on that prize and I'm.

Unfamiliar and exact popped in my the entire lot a aspect ask so that they've acquired this angle e-book down for four months smartly suited something 9 11 is some main thing within the within the staunch world accessible did they exact persist with their opinion for the four months of the day in the end they would.

If something cherish 911 fully far off from hooked in to it however they would lift on their opinion however perchance trade it a dinky cherish k we needed to heal dominating and then set apart the dinky one face over however at the pause of.

The hill became going to get a seat back perchance we're now no longer going to position the heat back on the hill thanks to what's taking place within the rear wheel smartly suited yeah give of us get away yeah yeah smartly suited yeah attention-grabbing I've continuously wondered cherish especially since 9 11 a bigger stuff took place I became a day broken-down when JFK acquired assassinated however uh you.

Know the wall coming down issues cherish that however something that's so earth-shattering is 9 11 and how That Shook the entire lot up I’d appear to mediate that from a Booker's point of behold uh k we had this thing deliberate out four months in this route however we don't must beat the fans.

Over the head with this astronomical mouth feel repeatedly going over uh a form of intriguing Facets there as a Booker promoter yeah I furthermore mediate it may possibly possibly possibly be something cherish this here’s exact off the tip of my head uh the varied Hill I'm the dinky one face slightly than you get your heat back.

Is the opinion then all of a unexpected 9 11 at any time once I talked about sorry you are going to be ready to't get his heat back so that Jim Duggan seems obviously he's going to get his seat back after he beats Kevin he's going to defend on Kevin and Jim's going to approach back off with the flag yeah and then back into the working yeah yeah and again now no longer that it's you.

Know you're now no longer cured a cancer smartly suited smartly suited however it with out a doubt is the issues that I see which would possibly possibly possibly be associated with steamboo is thru a million these items on one other basis Jake I seen a match one time with Jake Roberts wrestling putrid news Brown and naturally needed to Judo background and the entire lot smartly he's working a.

Leg and every two minutes Jake will start up mounting those Jabs apt one dinky bit and exact when he begins getting him intriguing he'd take the fetch leg trot back to it and Jake's back off this became on for 30-40 minutes at final Jake begins coming again identical thing he goes to defend the knee this time he blocks it and begins coming higher around properties.

Goes the total scheme back to the roofs he goes Irish whip him news reverses it takes that first step on the left leg and crumbled smartly suited and I keep in mind considering myself however that wasn't why oh my God cherish that's so clear-cut however it with out a doubt's sparkling sparkling and this present day I mediate a form of that will possibly possibly be overlooked quite a bit with the fellows that you've labored with over.

Your occupation obviously among the indispensable form of the biggest names within the history lore of wrestling uh had been there a general ask that I became at who had been the of us that you couldn't aquire a apt match with with here's any person I couldn't aquire a apt match and a form of of us act.

No longer easy matches with Billy Jack for some reason he exact sold cherish a chapat to me yeah uh form of thing so there's a thing I for me it became Rick Steiner I fancy Prosperous you hit it on the head Rick became so aggressive yeah as a dinky one face yeah yeah.

Appropriate form yeah apt luck yeah it wasn't cherish we didn't get along exact no he's exact two assorted areas it became two assorted matches occurring yeah he had his ranking match occurring you had your ranking match occurring down very and I mediate it became because they went to Japan so powerful don't.

You oh yeah yeah now the flip aspect of that who had been the fellows it is in all probability you’ll possibly possibly now no longer see for 10 years move in and like a gargantuan evening very Wyndham to me he's now no longer a gargantuan house Oh I exact had them here final week and exact gigantic as a dinky one face and for you again for you fans which would possibly possibly possibly be unaware and exact know Barry as a heel trot back and.

Look those early years if it became a dinky one face because it's mesmerized no one went over the tip rope greater than Barry yeah and as a result of scheme that lanky body he had his hands it exact looked legit smartly suited it looked cherish that's what it may possibly possibly possibly stare cherish if any person would get knocked out of the room once I’d wrestle having a throw over the tip.

Appropriate form up thoughts may possibly possibly possibly be distracted after him over the tip and this became a obvious Atlanta since the fans had been smartly suited on top of you and he had the total girls within the entrance row where he began to trek back to the apron within the head became slapping the graphic girls may possibly possibly possibly.

Deceptive yeah that's gargantuan he became gargantuan it became gargantuan he's a yeah he's a form of fellows I I mediate thanks to the scheme he form of left the industry a dinky bit early and the entire lot that he doesn't within the occasion you hear of us focus on the greats he doesn't get his dope he doesn't indicate he infrequently ever ever hear his title in there however those of us that both work.

With them or labored beside him and gazing became he became a obvious talented one of many greatest house I've ever labored any one you you ever to your time within the explain of enterprise or within the dressing room are there any standouts that you watched of that by all smartly suited may possibly possibly possibly like to like been the next.

Enormous thing uh they've acquired the scale they wish to stare the athleticism the present of God they acquired all those issues and it is miles no longer major what you're making an attempt exact doesn't work yeah and Obama's wrath yeah something went contaminated there I indicate a astronomical kid cherish him to trot oh he can trot and.

I exact seen a tape recently when it's wrathy looked fabulous and his trot sets became fabulous something and I believe about coaching on that any person dropped the ball somewhere Mike Awesome's the fellows I mediate six four five yeah it may possibly possibly possibly lift out anything however it with out a doubt exact it exact pointed all individuals to traction and I ponder it's where I'm.

Leaving with all this what within the industry uh a promoter you're working within the explain of enterprise and likewise you lift me in strive for a pair weeks and we're gonna add let the kid trot lift any person else in what I indicate assorted the evident issues are what.

Are the issues that trot into that and likewise you guys quiz the money to lift assign me in and likewise you're striking all this time television animated into you however something's exact now no longer clicking is it simplest exact to deliver if I will be able to't get him out of here or exact get him out the door after we get him to maintain out what we must maintain out I mediate it's simplest for all individuals.

To sit down down down and utter hear are we doing it contaminated we're start to listen to to you however if this doesn't work we corresponding to you we'd corresponding to you to approach back back after this or whatever you must lift out ranking up so that you're on Earth indicate you are going to be ready to lift out a job any person early that manner something and we'll present you with wins on the scheme out because we wish you to approach back back.

Because some of us assuredly stage smartly suited yeah yeah a form of that surprisingly yeah yeah when once I became in TNA candido became introduced in uh magnificent gargantuan shape they major to retain watch over the naturals and the very first weekend he rolls into the ring thru a dinky heel dwelling and take a bump and knock back.

Out Sony sjoki gave him a apt house and when he landed exact the scheme he tried to hit his legging you see strategies that ruin smartly suited there it's certain as day I must shuffle it straight to the ringside however smartly suited after that uh he became off rather a whereas obviously been sadly handed away 2005 uh from blood clot however.

Uh the firm came to me and talked about they what they had Chris in for became they they major the naturals pushed up to be one of their higher teams and I became in opposition to it originally because I didn't want it to stare cherish Chris didn't get it completed now here's his companion I get it completed assorted issues so uh they at final talked me into it and.

Asked within the occasion that they major if we had been to position the belts on here’s presumably the spring by October November we're at the storyline out so my the scheme I approached it became uh I'm now no longer going to approach back in there and all of sudden they became the astronomical stars all smartly suited and make Chris stare putrid it's improbable so I came with this realizing that I'm repeatedly practically there.

Slipping up an Airfield smartly suited and the more durable they the more they lift about out that the more durable I force them till at final one of them stir knocks me on my ass and as they flip to move out the dinky Irascible room cherish at final the Killer Instinct I'm procuring for from that point forward within the written what I in actuality like written out became they had been now supposed.

To start up getting set apart over the tip so I get into the commence pad they lift about out the comfort uh as a substitute over the next three tapings we beat them cherish six instances and any person within the production assembly talked about something cherish that these kids couldn't get them within the occasion that they fell off a cliff and I needed to develop my hand I talked about cherish I'm the fellow.

That wrote the memoir we didn't be aware the memoir and it became the more or much less how repeatedly like you ever to your industry and your occupation like you ever seen that completed some some kids some imprint crew whatever getting smartly suited there they're ready to head and some any person drops too many no no too repeatedly there's so powerful.

You perceive in our industry within the back a man doesn't cherish a man for some reason the fellow's making too powerful money he's driving into a car acquired a pleasing fetch whatever smartly suited it will get to be assuredly and I'm certain it's that scheme in crew sports slightly than pulling together and that's why some teams play greater.

Than most product I indicate there became a time once I became in Florida all individuals introduced into that product once I became in Georgia all individuals introduced him up yeah we had been in WWF now no longer all individuals became procuring for that product smartly suited no no it's assorted so we're sitting here with the memoir Kevin.

Sullivan devil builds above Broken-down Scratch we're gonna like them back we'll flip the digital camera on I had a million questions in my head I major to ask however God sucked all these assorted directions because the entire lot's so rattling engaging uh so we'll like Kevin told him that camp I cherish it gargantuan to see you franchise cherish you guys tuning.

Into Appalachian Expo this present day we'll see you here next time we'll like one other handle him and a total bunch of my chums international
I fancy grappler, because they are the slightly!!

Appalachian Recount: Kevin Sullivan and Shane Douglas — Free Shoot Interview! Segment Two

Appalachian Recount: Kevin Sullivan and Shane Douglas -- Free Shoot Interview! Segment Two