Apollo Crews Reveals How Mark Henry & Wale Got Him Into WWE

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Apollo Crews Reveals How Mark Henry & Wale Got Him Into WWE


Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

During the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, Apollo Crews spoke about how he initially got involved with WWE. According to Crews, it was a handful of people who got him involved with the company, including former WWE superstar Mark Henry and musical artist Wale.

“You know it’s funny ’cause actually Wale messaged me on Twitter about 2013 or something like that. He’s a huge fan of wrestling,” he said. “He was like, ‘I just got hip to all your work. I love it. How can we get you in the WWE? At the time, I was just traveling around in England and Japan, just enjoying what I was doing. I was enjoying life, I wasn’t working a real job just living off wrestling. It was pretty cool for me to be able to do that at that level. He gets in contact with Mark Henry who sees my work and he gets me a tryout. A couple of weeks later I get an email from Canyon Ceman saying they want to bring me down to Orlando for a tryout and I was like there’s no way this is real.”

For more from Crews, make sure to check out the full interview below:

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