Apollo Crews On Learning From Paul Heyman, Wrestling Kurt Angle And More

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Apollo Crews On Learning From Paul Heyman, Wrestling Kurt Angle And More


Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

Since Apollo Crews joined WWE Monday Night RAW, his career has reached new heights. Last week, Crews won the WWE United States Championship. In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Crews reflected on his recent momentum and described how Paul Heyman has been instrumental in this success.

“’He’s been very hands-on with me and he’s helped me a lot, especially a lot in areas like my promos,’” said Crews via McCarthy. “’And that’s one thing I feel like I can always improve on. I can improve on all areas of my game and make sure I work on becoming the complete superstar. And I won’t stop until that happens.’”

Crews also described how his rivalry with Andrade has allowed him to showcase the depth of his character, and how this feud differs from his previous chances in the spotlight. “’I was given opportunities, but I don’t feel like I was ever given anything I could, or even the fans could latch onto,’” said Crews via McCarthy. “’But now I feel like I’m in a situation where I can show how I would react in a certain situation and show I do have more than a smile or cool moves in the ring.’”

Crews also discussed his opportunity to wrestle Kurt Angle during the Hall of Famer’s retirement tour. The WWE United States Champion says he appreciates the privilege of wrestling a legend like Angle. “’It was pretty cool just being able to talk to him, but wrestling him was a whole different level,’” said Crews via McCarthy. “‘And being the first to wrestle him on his retirement tour in his hometown, I mean it was fantastic. It was cool.’”

With his impressive turnaround and Heyman’s support,the newly crowned WWE United States Champion’s future looks brighter than ever.

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