Antonio Inoki Health Update: Battling Rare Heart Disease

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Antonio Inoki Health Update: Battling Rare Heart Disease

Antonio Inoki

Photo credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Japanese Wrestling legend and founder of New Japan Pro-Wrestling Antonio Inoki is reportedly in poor health.

Inoki spoke with The Weekly Sincho out of Japan and told the publication that he is battling a rare disease called cardiac amyloidosis which involves an abnormal amount of protein build-up around the organs and causes issue with heart functionality. This has caused the legend to struggle with breathing, which he just initially believed to be because of aging. Inoki caught wind of the disease after he was hospitalized for hearing issues and was then diagnosed with the disease. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer said in his latest newsletter that the disease only effects 700 to 750 people in Japan, and while there are several types of the disease, Inoki’s is likely hereditary.

Metlzer also reports that Inoki has been confined to a wheelchair for awhile and because of this, doesn’t go out in the public eye and during the interview with Sincho stated that he currently lives alone since his wife, Tazuko Tada, passed away back in 2019. He also stated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he hasn’t been able to any rehabilitation.

Inoki also said that he’s been taking a very expensive medication called Vindaquel to alleviate his issues, but unfortunately there is no cure for the disease.

We at WrestleZone wish Mr. Inoki all the best as he continues to battle forth.