Anna Jay Reacts To Working Hardcore Matches In AEW

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Anna Jay has worked several “hardcore” matches in her AEW career, including a No Holds Barred match with Julia Hart on the May 10th episode of Dynamite.

Speaking on the “Under the Ring” podcast, the AEW wrestler commented on what it’s like to work matches that involve no rules and weapons.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her No Holds Barred match with Hart: “Yeah, well, I mean it was cool. I definitely didn’t expect to have that kind of match with Julia ever. But yeah I mean, it’s fun. It’s one of those things where to me personally, those kind of matches are the most fun and the most intense, and kind of just a different beast in itself. So to have that with Julia was kind of cool. I mean obviously, we’re not best friends now. But overall, I’m happy with it and I think that it went okay besides me losing.”

On being part of several hardcore matches in AEW: “I mean, every match is going to be different. But like for the past one against Ruby [Soho] and Willow [Nightingale], those kind of things — something went wrong. And that’s something that you kind of go into each match expecting, that anything can go wrong. But especially with these matches and the weapons that you’re able to use, and everything like that. It can just get really crazy. So I think you kind of go into it trying to be as safe as possible, but also try and make it as crazy as possible. So some things go right, some things go wrong. But at the end of the day, obviously our goal is to have a killer match and also to do some crazy stuff with it being safe. But the last match, like I said, did not go that way.”

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