Angel Garza Becomes New NXT Cruiserweight Champion

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Angel Garza Becomes New NXT Cruiserweight Champion

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Tonight’s episode of NXT kicked off with a bang, as Angel Garza defeated Lio Rush to become the newest NXT Cruiserweight Champion. The match was just about as incredible as you’d expect from these two superstars, as they went at it for the title. However, it was Garza who was able to come away as the winner, locking in a reverse full nelson to cause the referee to end things.

Check out a brief recap of the match below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s NXT:

Garza surprises Rush with an avalanche Spanish fly for a near fall. Rush and Garza trade slaps. Rush spin kicks Garza in the face. Garza superkicks Rush. Both Rush and Garza fall to the mat. Rush hits Garza with Garza’s Wing Clipper finish. Garza kicks out. Garza picks Rush up for an electric chair drop. Rush reverses it into the come up. Rush lands the Final Hour. Garza crawls out of the ring. Rush tries to stop him by grabbing Garza’s tights. Garza tights rip off. Rush tries to hit the Final Hour outside the ring. Garza gets his knees up. Garza hits the Wing Clipper. Rush kicks out. Garza turns the Wing Clipper into a reverse full nelson. Rush kicks out.

.@itsLioRush is picking up the pace against @AngelGarzaWwe with the NXT Cruiserweight Title ON THE LINE! #WWENXT

— WWE (@WWE) December 12, 2019

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