Andrade Talks Working With Charlotte Flair, Learning English, Wanting To Be WWE’s Latino Star

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Andrade Talks Working With Charlotte Flair, Learning English, Wanting To Be WWE’s Latino Star


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Andrade recently spoke to the NY Post ahead of his RAW title match against Rey Mysterio tonight. He discussed his aspirations to be WWE’s next latino star, working out with Charlotte Flair, and learning to speak English.

Check out highlights below:

What it means to beat Rey Mysterio:

Always Rey Mysterio was the face of Latinos [and] in the past Eddie Guerrero. Now is my moment to be the face of the Latinos in WWE. It looks strong to win the title, no? I’m more strong with more opportunities and focused on the next title.

On learning to speak English:

I am trying to practice for the future [for] great promos in English and a little Spanish, you know the promos before with Rey Mysterio and, in the past, Eddie Guerrero.

What it means to have Zelina Vega in his corner:

Now it’s part of Andrade. Sometimes when Zelina is injured or something, sometimes when I go to the ring and Zelina’s not in my corner, something is confused or like I forgot something. Now Zelina is beside Andrade. Andrade is beside Zelina. Now it’s a team.

Working with Charlotte Flair:

It’s so hard. It’s so hard. I like working with her, but it’s so hard because it’s always competition, competition. I want to enjoy my workout, relax because sometimes I’m tired, sometimes try to sleep late.

Sometimes we have 30 minutes for a workout, so sometimes it’s a little bad. She’s always competition, competition. I say, ‘Relax, you just got here.’ She’s, ‘No, it needs more,’ and she puts more weight and she puts double the weight. Sometimes she’s angry, but it’s great. We always fight for who is better. It’s good for me.

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