Andrade El Idolo emerges victorious against Scorpio Sky and receives a challenge from Jay White for Grand Slam

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On tonight’s episode of AEW Collision, Andrade El Idolo and Scorpio Sky battled in singles action. Following a good hard-fought match, Andrade overcame Sky, tapping him out to the Figure Eight Leglock.

Following the match, Bullet Club Gold came out to the stage, and Jay White noted that he has noticed that Andrade has had his eyes on the Bang Bang Gang. He then issued a challenge to Andrade for a match at AEW Grand Slam.


Here are some of the video highlights:

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In a recent episode of AEW Collision, Andrade El Idolo and Scorpio Sky faced off in a singles match. The match was hard-fought and showcased the skills of both wrestlers. Ultimately, Andrade emerged victorious by tapping out Scorpio Sky with his signature move, the Figure Eight Leglock.

After the match, Bullet Club Gold made their way to the stage, and Jay White, a member of the group, addressed Andrade. He acknowledged that Andrade had been eyeing the Bang Bang Gang and issued a challenge to him for a match at AEW Grand Slam.

The match between Andrade and Scorpio Sky was filled with exciting moments. AEW shared several video highlights on their Twitter account, giving fans a glimpse of the action. Scorpio Sky, a former AEW World Tag Team and TNT Champion, returned to AEW Collision with a determination to face the best. Andrade, who has remained undefeated in 2023, showcased his skills and continued his climb up the ranks in AEW.

The video highlights showed Scorpio Sky turning the tables in the match with a quick move, but Andrade proved to be quick on his feet. Both wrestlers displayed their athleticism and agility throughout the match, thrilling the audience.

Following the match, Jay White and Bullet Club Gold approached Andrade. In a video clip shared by AEW, Jay White can be seen issuing a challenge to Andrade. The challenge adds an exciting element to the upcoming AEW Grand Slam event.

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Overall, the match between Andrade El Idolo and Scorpio Sky on AEW Collision was intense and showcased the talents of both wrestlers. With the challenge issued by Jay White, fans can look forward to an exciting match between Andrade and Jay White at AEW Grand Slam.