Analysis: WWE’s Consideration of Rehiring Sareee Found to be Exaggerated

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WWE’s interest in rehiring former NXT Superstar Sareee was overblown, according to a Wrestling Observer Radio report.

Sareee, who competed as Sarray in WWE NXT, recently signed a multi-year promotion with Sukeban, despite reported interest from WWE.


On “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer explained that WWE was nowhere near as interested in resigning her as much as some made it out to be. He said,

“She signed with them [Sukeban.] The stuff about her in WWE, pretty overblown. I mean from talking to people in WWE, it was like, they were not really talking about her. She wanted out. Hey, look, they didn’t do anything with her. She sat there for the last six months of her contract and never did a thing. It’s like, whatever they didn’t see it in her. They gave her a really bad gimmick. Why would you want to go back? So anyway, that’s the situation with her.”

Sareee will make her Sukeban debut next month at the promotion’s second ever event in Miami, Florida.

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Former WWE NXT Superstar Sareee, also known as Sarray, recently signed a multi-year promotion with Sukeban, putting to rest the rumors of WWE’s interest in rehiring her. According to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE’s interest in Sareee was overblown and they were not actively pursuing her.

Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist, explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE was not as interested in rehiring Sareee as some reports suggested. He mentioned that from talking to people within WWE, there was not much discussion about her. Sareee had expressed her desire to leave WWE as she felt they did not utilize her properly during the last six months of her contract. WWE gave her a gimmick that did not resonate with the audience, which further contributed to her decision to explore other opportunities.

Sareee’s signing with Sukeban indicates that she saw a better future for herself outside of WWE. She will make her debut for Sukeban at their upcoming event in Miami, Florida next month.

It is important to note that Sareee’s departure from WWE and subsequent signing with Sukeban does not mean the end of her wrestling career. She has found a new platform where she believes she can thrive and showcase her talent.

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In conclusion, Sareee’s decision to sign with Sukeban instead of returning to WWE was influenced by her dissatisfaction with her previous stint in the company. WWE’s reported interest in rehiring her was exaggerated, and she saw a better opportunity to pursue her wrestling career elsewhere. Fans can continue to follow Sareee’s journey through reliable wrestling news sources like