Analysis of The Rock’s Perspective on Vince McMahon’s Sale of WWE and Cody Rhodes’ Self-Attributed Responsibility for the Decline of Go Big Show

Analysis of The Rock’s Perspective on Vince McMahon’s Sale of WWE and Cody Rhodes’ Self-Attributed Responsibility for the Decline of Go Big Show
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On a recent edition of “The Dale Jr. Download” podcast, Cody Rhodes spoke about his work on the Go Big Show series.

While Rhodes enjoyed his time as one of the show’s judges, he considers himself responsible for the show’s cancellation following his departure. He said,


“Go Big Show. At the time, we had started AEW, WarnerMedia, they were just looking for crossover. That was my role at AEW. I was the face of the brand. I was not the champion, but I was going to be ‘we know him a little from WWE, casual fans, he’s in a suit, he looks the part.’ I was going to be the face for these crossovers. That’s all they wanted out of it. It was doing really well ratings, can we bring some of those people over? I’m of the thought, I want as many people watching our show as possible. That means sending me to Macon, Georgia in the pandemic for a month where we were totally bubbled up. Yes, send me. I will watch some crazy acts with no audience. One of the most fun experiences I’ve ever been a part of. I feel terrible because when I left the show, they didn’t do the show again. They were ready to do the show again. If Snoop, Rosario, or Jennifer Nettles ever beat me up in a back alley somewhere, I understand. I might have screwed up season three.”

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Cody Rhodes Reflects on His Role in the Cancellation of “Go Big Show”

On a recent episode of “The Dale Jr. Download” podcast, Cody Rhodes opened up about his time as one of the judges on the “Go Big Show” series and how he believes his departure played a role in its cancellation.

Rhodes, who enjoyed his time on the show, revealed that WarnerMedia and AEW were seeking crossover opportunities at the time. As the face of AEW, Rhodes was tasked with being the brand ambassador and facilitating these crossovers. He explained that his involvement in “Go Big Show” was meant to attract casual fans who were familiar with him from his time in WWE.

The show was performing well in terms of ratings, and the goal was to bring some of those viewers over to AEW. Rhodes expressed his desire to have as many people as possible watching their show, even if it meant traveling during the pandemic. He mentioned being willing to go to Macon, Georgia, and watch acts without an audience, as long as it helped increase viewership.

Rhodes described his experience on “Go Big Show” as one of the most enjoyable he has ever been a part of. However, he expressed regret over the timing of his departure from the show, as it coincided with its cancellation. According to Rhodes, the show was ready to continue for another season, but his exit seemingly affected those plans.

In a lighthearted tone, Rhodes jokingly acknowledged that if any of his fellow judges, such as Snoop Dogg, Rosario Dawson, or Jennifer Nettles, were to confront him for his departure, he would understand their frustration. He humorously accepted responsibility for potentially ruining the chances of a third season.

“Go Big Show” was a talent competition series that featured contestants showcasing their unique and extreme skills in front of a panel of celebrity judges. The show aimed to entertain audiences with jaw-dropping acts and provide a platform for performers to display their extraordinary talents.

While Rhodes may feel responsible for the show’s cancellation, it is important to note that the decision to renew or cancel a television series involves various factors beyond the control of any single individual. Factors such as ratings, production costs, and network priorities all play a role in determining the fate of a show.

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