An Update on Serena Deeb’s AEW Status: Insights from Backstage

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Serena Deeb last wrestled for AEW on the October 18, 2022, episode of Dark: Elevation in a winning effort against Haley J.

Deeb has been absent from AEW TV for a year, and it was reported back in September that she was dealing with a serious injury and that there was heat on her due to a disagreement with AEW management.


Fightful Select is now reporting that Deeb was backstage at this past Saturday’s AEW Collision.

According to the report, Deeb has become a “regular” at Collision tapings.

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Serena Deeb, a professional wrestler, made her last appearance for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on the October 18, 2022, episode of Dark: Elevation. She emerged victorious in a match against Haley J. However, Deeb has been absent from AEW TV for a year, and there have been reports suggesting that she was dealing with a serious injury and had a disagreement with AEW management, leading to some tension.

Recently, it has been revealed that Serena Deeb was backstage at the AEW Collision event held this past Saturday. According to Fightful Select, Deeb has become a regular presence at Collision tapings. This news indicates that she may be making a return to AEW programming in the near future.

Serena Deeb has had an impressive career in professional wrestling. She began her journey in WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), and later joined the main roster as part of the faction known as The Straight Edge Society, led by CM Punk. After leaving WWE, Deeb continued to wrestle on the independent circuit before signing with AEW in 2021.

During her time in AEW, Serena Deeb showcased her skills and proved to be a valuable asset to the women’s division. Her technical prowess and in-ring ability earned her praise from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Deeb’s absence from AEW TV has left many wondering when they will see her back in action.

The news of Serena Deeb’s presence at AEW Collision suggests that her return may be imminent. Fans of Deeb will be excited to see her back in the ring, competing against some of the top talent in AEW’s women’s division. It remains to be seen how her storyline and character will develop upon her return.

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As Serena Deeb prepares for her comeback, fans eagerly await her return to the AEW stage. Her presence will undoubtedly add excitement and intrigue to the women’s division, and her in-ring skills will surely captivate audiences once again.