An Overview of the Latest Ticket Sales and Live Gate Figures for WWE Payback & NXT No Mercy 2023

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Wrestlenomics has revealed the sales numbers for some of WWE’s recent pay-per-view events.

According to the updated data from Pollstar, the gate for WWE Payback 2023 in Pittsburg, PA totaled $1,161,555 with 11,680 tickets sold.


Meanwhile, WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 sold 4,308 tickets for the Bakersfield, CA show with a total gate of $262,262.

WWE Payback 2023 was the final WWE pay-per-view event in which the company was still owned and controlled by the McMahon family before WWE’s sale to Endeavor was finalized on September 12, with WWE and the UFC subsequently merging to form TKO Group Holdings.

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WWE Payback and NXT No Mercy: A Look at Recent Pay-Per-View Sales

Wrestling fans around the world eagerly await the latest pay-per-view events from WWE, where they can witness their favorite superstars battle it out in the ring. Recently, Wrestlenomics released some interesting sales numbers for two of WWE’s most recent pay-per-view events: WWE Payback 2023 and NXT No Mercy 2023. Let’s take a closer look at these events and the impact they had on the wrestling industry.

According to Pollstar, WWE Payback 2023, held in Pittsburg, PA, drew a total gate of $1,161,555 with 11,680 tickets sold. This impressive figure showcases the popularity of WWE and the strong fanbase that supports their events. The event was particularly significant as it marked the final pay-per-view under the ownership and control of the McMahon family. Shortly after, WWE was sold to Endeavor, leading to the formation of TKO Group Holdings through a merger with the UFC.

Another noteworthy event was NXT No Mercy 2023, which took place in Bakersfield, CA. This event saw 4,308 tickets sold, resulting in a gate of $262,262. While the numbers may be lower compared to WWE Payback, it’s important to remember that NXT is WWE’s developmental brand. Despite this, NXT continues to attract a dedicated fanbase and deliver thrilling matches.

These sales numbers highlight the enduring popularity of professional wrestling and the loyalty of its fans. Despite the ever-evolving landscape of sports entertainment, WWE continues to draw large crowds and generate significant revenue through its pay-per-view events.

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As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, it’s fascinating to see the impact of events like WWE Payback and NXT No Mercy. These events not only provide thrilling entertainment for fans but also contribute to the financial success of WWE. With the ever-growing popularity of professional wrestling, it’s safe to say that we can expect more exciting pay-per-view events in the future.