An Analysis of Cary Silkin’s Critique on Tony Khan’s Booking of ROH and Paul Wight’s Perspective as Andre The Giant’s Son

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During a recent appearance on “T95: The Rock Station,” AEW wrestler Paul Wight discussed WCW handing him the gimmick of Andre The Giant’s son when he first signed with the promotion.

That gimmick lasted for about a year before eventually getting dropped. Wight said,


That’s how they did things back in the day. When you get introduced, you’ve got to have some kind of legacy and validity of who they are. And that was one of the ways they did it. Arn Anderson wasn’t really Ole Anderson’s nephew — stuff like that. There was a lot of that going on. ‘Somebody related to somebody. That’s why they’re here.’ So they billed me as Andre’s son and we were off and running after that.”

On a recent edition of “The Insiders” podcast, former ROH owner and ambassador Cary Silkin discussed AEW President Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor last year.

Silkin stated that ROH has not “gelled together” under Khan’s leadership. He said,

“It’s still alive today, but it’s…it doesn’t have… even in the worst times of my Ring of Honor, even in the worst times of the Sinclair Ring of Honor, there was like ‘We’re all in this together’ kind of. It was a family; the fans are family. And I like Tony Khan, and he’s a good guy, and he’s got so much on his plate that I just think the current Ring of Honor is … I can’t come up with the right words, and maybe I’m sour grapes a little. But it’s not gelled together properly.”

ROH currently runs its weekly TV show on HonorClub. The latest pay-per-view event was Death Before Dishonor 2023 in July.

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In the world of professional wrestling, the behind-the-scenes stories and decisions can be just as fascinating as the action in the ring. Recently, two prominent figures in the wrestling industry, AEW wrestler Paul Wight and former ROH owner Cary Silkin, shared their thoughts on different aspects of the business.

During an appearance on “T95: The Rock Station,” Paul Wight, also known as “The Big Show,” discussed his early days in WCW and the gimmick he was given. When he first signed with the promotion, WCW presented him as Andre The Giant’s son. This was a common practice in the industry at the time, where wrestlers would be given a fictional family connection to establish their legitimacy. Wight explained that this was a way to introduce new wrestlers with a sense of legacy and validity. However, the gimmick eventually faded away after about a year.

In another interview on “The Insiders” podcast, Cary Silkin, former owner of Ring of Honor (ROH), shared his thoughts on AEW President Tony Khan’s purchase of ROH last year. Silkin expressed his belief that ROH has not fully come together under Khan’s leadership. He mentioned that even during the worst times of ROH, there was a sense of unity and camaraderie among the wrestlers and fans. Silkin attributed this to the family-like atmosphere that was cultivated within the promotion. However, he felt that the current state of ROH has not gelled together properly under Khan’s ownership.

It is important to note that these are individual perspectives and opinions within the wrestling industry. Both Wight and Silkin have their own experiences and insights based on their involvement in different promotions. Their comments provide a glimpse into the inner workings of wrestling promotions and how decisions can impact the overall atmosphere and success of a company.

As wrestling fans, it is always interesting to hear from those involved in the industry and gain insights into the behind-the-scenes dynamics. These interviews shed light on the creative choices made by promotions and the challenges they face in building a cohesive product. Whether it’s the evolution of a wrestler’s character or the management of a wrestling promotion, these discussions offer a deeper understanding of the wrestling world.

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