Amari Miller Departs from WWE: An Update on Her Status

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Amari Miller, who became a part of WWE in 2021, has departed from the WWE. Throughout her tenure with WWE, she showcased her skills on 205 Live and NXT Level Up.

In February 2023, she endured a torn ACL. However, she returned to the ring in December after a successful recovery. Her latest match occurred on a January 9th episode of Level Up, where she graciously elevated Jaida Parker.

Miller officially announced her departure from WWE using her Instagram story:

Amari Miller, a talented wrestler who joined the WWE in 2021, has recently announced her departure from the company. During her time with WWE, Miller showcased her skills on two popular shows, 205 Live and NXT Level Up. However, her journey with the WWE was not without its challenges.

In February 2023, Miller suffered a torn ACL, a significant injury that required extensive recovery and rehabilitation. Despite the setback, Miller remained determined and committed to returning to the ring. After months of hard work and dedication, she successfully recovered from her injury and made her comeback in December.

Miller’s return match took place on a January 9th episode of NXT Level Up. In this match, she displayed her incredible talent and sportsmanship by elevating her opponent, Jaida Parker. Miller’s performance was praised by fans and fellow wrestlers alike, solidifying her reputation as a skilled and respected competitor.

However, despite her successful return and impressive performances, Miller has decided to part ways with the WWE. She made the official announcement through her Instagram story, sharing a photo of herself and expressing her gratitude for the opportunities she had with the company.

Miller’s departure from the WWE marks the end of a chapter in her wrestling career. While fans may be disappointed to see her leave, they can look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the future. Miller’s talent and determination are sure to lead her to new opportunities and successes outside of the WWE.

As for the WWE, they will undoubtedly miss Miller’s contributions to their shows. Her skills and presence added excitement and entertainment to both 205 Live and NXT Level Up. However, the WWE is known for its ever-evolving roster, constantly bringing in new talent to keep the shows fresh and engaging.

Amari Miller’s departure from the WWE serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wrestling industry. Wrestlers come and go, each leaving their mark in their own unique way. Miller’s time with the WWE may have been relatively short, but her impact on the fans and her fellow wrestlers will not be forgotten.