Amanda Huber Recalls How Brodie Lee Influenced -1’s ‘Orange Cassidy’ Halloween Costume

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Amanda Huber Recalls How Brodie Lee Influenced -1’s ‘Orange Cassidy’ Halloween Costume

Brodie Lee TNT Title Celebration

Photo: AEW

Amanda Huber, Brodie Lee‘s widow, recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted and discussed the final days of Lee’s life. In one highlight, Huber shared a happy memory of how Brodie Lee Jr. (aka -1) wanted to dress up as Orange Cassidy for Halloween, and how her husband convinced her to let him.

“Brodie had been asking me for months, I wanna be Orange Cassidy for Halloween,” said Huber. “[I said] Brodie, nobody knows who Orange Cassidy is. No offense, Orange Cassidy, I love you. Everybody here [at AEW] and everybody who’s gonna listen to this knows who the f— Orange Cassidy is, but I was like, ‘You’re gonna go trick or treating, and these parents are gonna be like, ‘this kid’s dressed in sunglasses and a denim jacket.’”

“So literally, I’m not even joking when I say one of the last spoken words my husband ever said to me was, ‘Go buy him a fucking denim jacket.’ I was telling him how Brodie was mad at me, the night before, because I wouldn’t go to Walmart at 9 o’clock at night to buy him a denim jacket. And so I was telling Jon that story in the hospital on Friday, the day before Halloween. I said, ‘Yeah, Brodie’s mad because I wouldn’t do buy him a denim jacket,’ and he goes, ‘I’m mad at you too,’ behind the breathing mask.”

“And I go, ‘You’re mad at me?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah…go buy the kid a f–kin’ denim jacket.’”

Huber explained that she got Brodie the jacket, and she also dressed up Nolan Huber as his father for Halloween.

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