Alterations in Production for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Implemented

Alterations in Production for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Implemented
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WWE plans to bring an eagerly awaited episode of SmackDown to the world-renowned Madison Square Garden in the heart of New York tonight. The show is set to be packed with enthralling matchups.

According to WrestleTix, due to a high demand for tickets, WWE is opting for a smaller than usual stage setup for the event tonight. This change was brought on due to the impressive sale of over 16,600 tickets, with a total of around 17,660 tickets on offer.

Now, only a handful of 1,014 tickets are left for grabs, highlighting SmackDown’s recent popularity surge. This is further demonstrated by the sale of an additional 766 tickets in the last seven days.

The information provided by WrestleTix on Twitter further confirmed the details:
“WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Fri • June 28 • 7:45 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Available Tickets: 1,014
Current Setup: 17,660
Tickets Distributed: 16,646
📈 | +766 since the last update
⏮ | 12/26/2023: Holiday Supershow 15,831
⏮ | 7/7/2023: SmackDown 13,617”
— WrestleTix (@WrestleTix) June 28, 2024.