Alexander Wolfe On Sanity Leaving Nikki Cross Behind, Cara Noir Suffers Multiple Fractures

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In a recent appearance on the “So Catch” podcast, former WWE Superstar Alexander Wolfe noted that the Sanity faction suffered its first “death blow” when it was called up to SmackDown without Nikki Cross.

Sanity made its WWE main roster debut in 2018 on SmackDown, and it was without Nikki Cross who remained in NXT to strengthen the women’s division on the black-and-gold brand.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Sanity never winning the Smackdown Tag Team Titles: “I think it bothered me more that we moved up to Smackdown without Nikki Cross. That was the first death blow, I believe. Because if you have a … unique unit like that, who works like clockwork, and you destroy that — it’s not good.”

On his time with Sanity on the main roster: “I learned so much in that time. I learned just not to be only a technical, smooth, and crisp professional wrestler. I learned to create a character.”

In other news, Cara Noir is currently sidelined with three fractures suffered during his steel cage match against Spike Trivet at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 151 this past April.

Noir shared the news on Twitter, writing:

“18 days post cage match – I finally have a diagnosis. Turns out I wrestled for 20 min on 3 fractures.


* intra articular fracture to the cuboid
* chip on the calcaneus
* chip on the navicular

+ a spot of traumatic arthritis on the talus & ligament damage.

Thanks NHS”

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