Alexander Wolfe Has A Positive Outlook On His Future, Going Back To His Roots In Pro Wrestling

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Alexander Wolfe Has A Positive Outlook On His Future, Going Back To His Roots In Pro Wrestling

Alexander Wolfe is keeping a positive mental attitude as he explores what’s next in his professional wrestling career.

Axel Tischer, aka Alexander Wolfe, recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about his wrestling career, which includes a six-year run in WWE. It was originally reported that Tischer was released by WWE in May, which he later clarified and said that the company was allowing his contract to expire.

Officially a free agent as of June 16, the former NXT Tag Team Champion spoke about the nature of his release, explaining that it’s unfortunate to be let go, but he’s also understanding in that it’s a business decision and nothing personal. Tischer said he could be negative about it but he’d rather focus on the positive, which includes finding confidence in himself and finding success somewhere else in the wrestling business.

“That’s their decision and I kind of can be sour and sad and mad or angry, just cry a river, you know, be miserable. But life is too short and too beautiful to be that way. Also, I’m very aware of what I can do and what my talent is and what I can do for a company,” he said. “I know for sure that that’s not the finish for me, it’s not over.

“And even with or without WWE, I will be a successful pro wrestler. I will make my way, even not with the WWE flag-waving. I’m very confident enough to say that I will find my place again somewhere else, and I’m also confident enough to say that I am aware of my abilities to keep on going. And that’s what I will do. I will keep going and I will still be an active part in the ring. Also I will try out some side projects I have in my mind. Now is the best time to do this so instead of just whining and complaining, I believe I do not have the time for that. I need to be active, I need to hustle now more than before, and yeah it is what it is,” Tischer explained, “but I’m super positive about it. And I can’t wait to see what comes next in my future.”

Asked about where his positive mindset comes from, Tischer said it’s really just how he approaches life in general. He knows it’s human to be emotional, but he wants to use everything he’s learned to move forward in life. Not only will Tischer find success in wrestling somewhere else, but he’s also happy to move home to Germany so he can be closer to his family again.

“I think it’s the way I treat life in general someone’s and it’s human to be negative and sometimes to be positive. But my choice is to use all the knowledge, which I got over the six years working with WWE and just understand the process. That again, it’s not personal, they did not release me because I was a dick or because I was not good to work with or I wasn’t professional. That’s not the case,” Tischer said. “The case was, they had to do this because of cost-cutting reasons, because of the pandemic, they cannot operate how they would love to, and I understand that. And so basically when you—my mentality is, the glass is always half full. And when you’re concerned about bad things, bad things will happen to you. But when you concentrate, when you focus on positive sides, positive things will happen.

“It’s maybe a part of my belief, how life goes, but I always like want good with it, and in a time where negativity could overwhelm you, you have to stay strong and have to see the bright side of life. The bright side is, I can move back home, and see more often now my best friends. I can go back to my life I had before, which was a good life. Plus I created a brand. I had a chance to get the exposure under the WWE umbrella. I created six years of more knowledge, more skill set, more abilities to maybe pass onto somebody, maybe use it as tools for myself,” he noted, “because WWE made me a better performer and a better wrestler. So I now have the time to create myself how I see myself, how I would love to get presented right now by myself.”

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Here we go!
June 15th was my last day under contract. Today I'm good to go.

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Tischer says he’s returning to the independent circuit for now, but he’s re-entering that arena as his own boss. Noting that he can now present himself as he sees fit, he looks forward to creating something new using his talent and all of the skills he’s learned over the past few years. Asked if there are any misconceptions he wants to correct or perhaps a new area he wants to explore, Tischer said it’s not a misunderstanding per se, but he wants to show people that they haven’t seen everything he’s capable of yet.

“A lot of people say that I did not really have the chance to show what I’m capable of, and I would say yes and no. Because I had times where could show it, but I haven’t showed everything. I had more time to showcase my skills, my abilities, how to be in a whole match more in NXT UK than in all over the years before in NXT in the states and on SmackDown. But with that also,” he noted, “the character in Imperium, was more ‘me’ than the guy in Sanity, which was [only] part of me.”

Tischer said both versions of Alexander Wolfe had pulled from his real-life persona, but the Imperium version was more relatable because it came from his pre-WWE life. He said he appreciates the more entertaining side that Sanity allowed him to portray, but he’ll likely go back to his roots and lean into the pro wrestling side of things.

“I look at wrestling [like] wrestling is art and it’s like with art, every artist has not the same painting skill. Everybody’s different and everybody’s selling his picture for a different audience. And [it’s] the same for wrestling. But I see more like the traditional wrestling style, like catch wrestling, just more like physical wrestling however you want to describe it, more as my thing,” he stated. “I like to do that more than the entertainment aspect with like dancing and singing around, which is also an aspect of it where it’s more entertainment, I’m more on the pro wrestling side.

“Future-wise, I probably will go a little bit back more to my roots to like pro wrestling, less entertainment. But also with all those years right now, just being in the biggest pro-wrestling entertainment company, a sports entertainment company, I created some knowledge which I also can use because sometimes you have to use different kinds of tools to success. And that also, that’s the plan to go forward,” he explained, “just to have all the tools and when I need to be more entertaining, then I will be more entertaining. But preferred, I want to get more back to the foundation of professional wrestling.”

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