Alexander Wolfe Happy He Got To Do His WWE Send-Off With Friends

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Alexander Wolfe Happy He Got To Do His WWE Send-Off With Friends

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Albeit unexpected, Alexander Wolfe’s release from WWE ending up having a strong silver lining to it. Wolfe (now going by his real name, Axel Tischer) spoke with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes and talked about that final evening in NXT where he wrestled his old Sanity mate in Killian Dane and then ultimately being backstabbed by his Imperium co-horts. Cassidy asked Wolfe if he had any sense that his release was coming that Tuesday or did it happen to come out of the blue?

“No, nothing at all. After it happened, it kind of made sense what happened two weeks before,” Wolfe said, referring not from a storyline perspective but a backstage one. “But it was weird. Like, first off, that was one of the most things that stung me, what really sucked was the way it was. I mean, it’s a send off and of course it has to happen somehow but, for me, I get the whole point how they did it and it’s better that then just disappear without explanation.”

Not only that but he got to do it with his boy Dain.

“I’m happy that I could do it with my best friends. So I had to match against Killian Dain and we get the send-off from two of my mates, which I’m very good and very like… It’s two of my friends. They could give me their farewell and I’m happy for them that they had the chance to give me that. But on the other side, it was very weird. So now I hear a lot of reports, it should have happened three weeks ago and it explains a lot of things why they kind of like stalled the storyline, because usually they plan the match and then Triple H is like, ‘Let’s do another angle. Let’s go with it next week.’”

Wolfe, who made clear he has family plans back in his home country of Germany, later also talked about how accommodating that the company was with his release.

“I have a lot of work to do now just to get rid of all the household and then just move back to Germany. Yeah, it’s OK. But like, fair enough. I have to say, even if a lot of people just spitting venom right now and say, “Yeah, F— WWE,” and everything, so they always take care of the talents and they are even fair enough because I will go back to Germany because I need to because of visa reason, they paid for my flight back. They are very kind in communicating with me just, for example, because of moving reasons, I ask them to pay me out completely out of the contract – that I not get still the weekly salary and they are cool with that. They even asked me if I want to have it.

“So you can be negative about as much as you want but even me being pissed off about the reason they let me go, I have to say fair play to them because they always took care of me, they always been very kind and very professional.”

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