Alexa Bliss Says Ronda Rousey’s Comments Were Offensive, Still Wants Her To Come Back To WWE

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Alexa Bliss Says Ronda Rousey’s Comments Were Offensive, Still Wants Her To Come Back To WWE

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Alexa Bliss recently sat down with Sporting News, where she spoke about a handful of topics, including Ronda Rousey and her recent comments regarding WWE, its fans, and professional wrestling as a whole. You can check out some of the highlights below:

On Ronda Rousey’s comments:

Here’s the thing: I want to start off saying I have a lot of respect for Ronda. I do. We get along great. I just said this already, and I’ll say it again, I don’t like when people use the F-word — when people say fake — because what we do is not fake. She’s accomplished a lot in MMA. She came into our business and everyone was more than accommodating, more than wanting to see her succeed. It’s kind of that thing where it’s like this is a two-person thing. Every match that we have, you’re only as good as the person that you’re in the ring with.

The fact that she called it fake could be her opinion on it. But it’s offensive to everyone that has had injuries, and myself included because I’ve gone in the company, six years without having a single injury. And then I ended up having a whole documentary based on multiple concussions that I wasn’t even sure I was going to be cleared to ever be in the ring again.

On if she would talk to Rousey if she returned to WWE:

Probably. I don’t know unless that happens. I have a lot of respect for her. She’s done a lot. She did an amazing job in WWE. We respected her business, and we made sure that we catered the matches to her style and so we didn’t disrespect her style. So you know, just for the people that helped you along the way like, don’t disrespect us and our business, that’s all.

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