Alexa Bliss On Her ’Uncool’ NXT Debut: It Was Basically Tinkerbell In A Wrestling Ring

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Alexa Bliss On Her ’Uncool’ NXT Debut: It Was Basically Tinkerbell In A Wrestling Ring

Alexa Bliss is glad the “tutu glitter” days of her wrestling career are behind her.

Bliss recently spoke with ViBe Wrestling while promoting her new Uncool podcast and was asked about her most uncool wrestling moment. Bliss picked her NXT debut, describing it as “Tinkerbell in a wrestling ring” and saying it was hard connecting with the audience back then.

“I think my least cool moment in WWE was when I debuted in NXT. I was a very unrelatable character it was just basically Tinkerbell in a wrestling ring and I think that was definitely my least cool moment in WWE especially because I was—I debuted I had two matches and then I wasn’t really booked in about eight months so I think that was my least cool character and least cool moment in WWE. Especially when You know, when you’re new it’s hard to, you know connect to the crowd unless you have a really established character which I didn’t and it wasn’t relatable and so I would say the tutu glitter days of Alexa Bliss for sure.”

Bliss has explained in the past how the ‘character’ even came to fruition, noting on an episode of WWE Then & Now that she was playing Scott Dawson’s girlfriend before getting a day’s notice she’d be in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament. Her fairy gimmick was a result of a promo class look being put on-air, but she’s since ditched the sparkles and added some gold to her resume while transforming into the Goddess.

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